Life Update

Happy Wednesday, guys! Today I will try to avoid talking about everything else but the fundamental, and get to the point instantly. There are so many things which are crossing my mind daily. So many questions. It is actually quite convenient because I remember the day these pictures were taken very clearly. My mind was [...]

Life in Prague: Season 2 Episode 01

Hello everybody, and happy October!!! I am so excited for this month, I love October very much. It is the time of the year when my school year begins again but you know what? This year it was a good start. It's only October 3rd and I already have created some beautiful memories. My school [...]

1st Year of College: 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt

  Hello world, Happy SM Wednesday! Today is August 1st which means that summer is at its best. I am currently in the mountains and even though I spent here almost the whole month of July I don't feel like coming back to the city any time soon. I am finding & using Nature's ability [...]

Night with Capital N #Prom Night

  "And than the midnight beat and she ran away down the stairs as fast as she could. Her shoe slipped, but she didn't mind. Moving forward barefoot without any look back..." Cinderella story knows every little child and almost every little girl wants to be just like this princess. And I was not an [...]

Autumn, Autumn here you are!

  Today it's official, hello Autumn! Get ready for nude tones, warm colours and cozy atmosphere. I really like the feeling of Autumn coming. Despite the rain and gloomy weather, somehow it makes you feel excited and happy so you just cannot wait to put your comfy puffy sweater on and relax with a cup of [...]

As the summer flows slowly away…

Summer, summer, what are you doing to me? Looking back at this point, having a great time with my sister in Luhačovice, it makes me a little bit sad. Do you have that type of moments when you just want to take time back and experience a certain time again and again? Yup, not going to [...]