the Question of Adulthood #SeniorYear

The summer is almost over and that fact caused deep thoughts inside my head. It was not the calmest summer for me to be honest. A lot of thinking was going on, and still is. When I'm writing this post there are exactly twelve days left till summer holidays officially end for me and new [...]

Confetti from the sky & the best weekend ever

    The last weekend is irreplaceable. I'm pretty sure it will stick in our hearts forever. In mine for sure, at least. Every year, on 24th of July there is a tradition which I keep with my friend Kristýna. Yes, she does have the same name as I do and that's what this post [...]

7 months in the world of blogging

It is unbelievable how the time flies. It seems like yesterday when the first day of new year 2016 was about to start and I was more than excited to do something I was waiting for so long. Now the 7th month is almost at the end. And that fact makes me to think about [...]

Violet and Snowdrops in my view

  Oh yes, these are definitely my the most favourite goodies for this year's season.  Light violet for my nails, gold for my wrist and tender fragrance for my nose - all this means → 100% happy me! That's a very simple eguation. I, personally, love this light violet colour during spring and not only spring [...]

Braids are the One.

   World loves them. World adores them. World wears them. Hello everybody! I'm sure you have noticed, there is little 'braid madness' going on in fashion world. Everybody loves them. Everybody wears them. And that is a topic I would like to talk about with you today. So grab a cup of coffee, make yourself [...]

the simpler, the better

    The simpler, the better. Hello guys and happy Thursday! We are in the middle of the week so keep it positive 'cause there are only three days left between us & weekend. And that's a good news right?! A few past weeks I lived and dressed by the rule "The simpler, the better." Or the [...]

Lets be inspired

                       Inspiration. A word which is gonna be very popular in this article. And not only in this one. Inspiration is what life is about. We love to be inspired, we want to be inspired and most of the time we get inspired without even knowing it. [...]