Pictures vs. Reality

  Happy Wednesday world! I hope you are all doing well, enjoying the summer heat & cold drinks! Wait a second.. Why am I presenting an outfit consisting of longer pants and hoodie you may ask, is she crazy? Most likely. But the truth is that these pictures were taken in advance around the month [...]

Hello Big 19.

Let me just tell you. This new year 2017 was pretty crazy so far. I feel like since the 1st January  I only celebrate (not complaing tho! haha). Including my 19th Birthday today! Yaay! BUT (!) this little occasion of mine doesn't work as an excuse for me to not being blogging for almost a [...]

Sparkly Autumn Season + plans for this Fri-Yay

Hello Fashion Lovers! Brand new post callin'! I hope you are enjoying your day! I am back with another fall fovourite of mine. It is even more chilly outside so my "plummy" cap is an essential no. 1 for me at the moment but I have to say that this black & white beauty is [...]

Thinking over night with a touch of StyleM

  Good mooorning world!  Ok, I guess 1 a.m. is not morning yet but I think it will be morning until I finish this post so it doesn't  matter, haha!  Do you know that feeling when you just can't sleep and have this temptation to work even when you should be in a Dreamland already? [...]

Minimal Black Dress rushin’ in da City

Another dream of mine ticked off. Living FairyTale. Good morning Fashion Lovers! (or afternoon or night) On Friday I got back from my 3-day visit in Prague and I'm filled with an excitement again. Oh how I love that city! I have never thought that this place will own a part of my heart but [...]

Dancin’ with the Dancing House #PragueTbt

Happy 1st August guys! I mean, this really is crazy. When I realized yesterday that it was the last day of July, I was like 'What?!' No no no, this can't be truth. Summer holidays started like yesterday and I am NOT ready to go back to that place called "school" again. Where does the [...]