Thrifting Or Brand New Clothes

  Hey guys! A week later I am back with another SM Wednesday this time with one of the many topics that I'm very excited to discuss with you. What is that? Thrifting! And the temples where the treasure is found - thrift shops. But before I jump into the uncontrollable stream of thoughts that I [...]

4 Hacks How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

  Hello, my loves! I was so much decided that I won't start this week's new blog post with this sentence but I simply can't help it. Again. As well as I couldn't help myself last year. Where the hell did the summer & holidays go?! I am really sorry, I tried, my emotions are [...]

The Most Flexible Dress I Have Ever Had

Yes. Multi-tasking. You read right, and that is what I meant. What am I actually talking about? Let me explain, my dear fashion lovers. I don't know if it's about the age we live in or simply fashion being very flexible. But let me tell ya, it's great!   I bought this dress about 3 [...]

The Importance of a Dream

  There are two things I have learnt throughout the past year... To get inspired everywhere you go & to dream. Not everyone understands that. If you don't like this type of cliché talks, please don't read it. My intension is not to make you. I write what I feel like writing, and I am [...]

Sporty vs. Elegant Or Both?

Sporty vs. elegant, casual vs. elegant. So many limitations. Why not to try a combination of both? One of the latest trends which caught my attention is mixing different styles. Wearing chic dress with sneakers and comfortable pants with sharp high heels seems to me very attractive. And also, no matter how paradoxical it might [...]

Through Summer Evenings & Beyond

  Summer, summer you are so unique. Summer holiday is a very special time of the year. It gives you that vibe like no other season does. Not even an autumn. You feel different, you live different. New memories, friends might come or maybe even something totally unexpected. But those type of things are usually [...]

less is more

You beautiful world, there are many aspects and levels of blogging involved during the process of creating. It is not always only about writing, even though it is its biggest and probably also the most important part. Being able to share my thoughts and produce a content worth reading by putting these black letters together means to [...]