International Sunrise/Sunset day 2016 #HappyBirthday

Today it's 12th September and my heart stops for a second. 43 years ago an agel was born. And 3 years ago he was called back to heaven. I said it many times but I just can't stop being shocked. Time flows so fast. You can't stop it. You can't make it slower. You just [...]

Time for ‘Girls Only’

I believe that my girls are going to kill me for this but I just can't help it- I love this photo! We took about five of these pics but only in this one they can be seen at least a little bit. There is my advice for you, lesson learned no.1: don't take #selfies [...]

7 months in the world of blogging

It is unbelievable how the time flies. It seems like yesterday when the first day of new year 2016 was about to start and I was more than excited to do something I was waiting for so long. Now the 7th month is almost at the end. And that fact makes me to think about [...]

Violet and Snowdrops in my view

  Oh yes, these are definitely my the most favourite goodies for this year's season.  Light violet for my nails, gold for my wrist and tender fragrance for my nose - all this means → 100% happy me! That's a very simple eguation. I, personally, love this light violet colour during spring and not only spring [...]

the simpler, the better

    The simpler, the better. Hello guys and happy Thursday! We are in the middle of the week so keep it positive 'cause there are only three days left between us & weekend. And that's a good news right?! A few past weeks I lived and dressed by the rule "The simpler, the better." Or the [...]

Camel & White

The era of Camel colour is here and it looks as it's gonna stay for a little while. Everybody has it, everybody wears it. Period. It's very neutral colour which you can combine with almost every colour and it will always look good and elegant. If your outfit consists of strong colours this camel one [...]

Furry Chic

Well, this was a little bit crazier than we expected. It is really funny how happy I look (or I was trying to look) in these pictures but the truth is a bit different.   Our plan was to take some new pics, even though I assumed that My Fave Winter Look will be the only [...]