Basic Dress with a Touch of Elegance

  I think that today's fashion industry works like this- either you wear many different colours, patterns, materials and crazy combinations all together or you wear barely nothing.   Basic. Basic. Basic. That's what runs the fashion world. Current fashion state of mind, let's say. Basic colours, only black, white or huge palette of nude [...]

7 months in the world of blogging

It is unbelievable how the time flies. It seems like yesterday when the first day of new year 2016 was about to start and I was more than excited to do something I was waiting for so long. Now the 7th month is almost at the end. And that fact makes me to think about [...]

Cup of Happiness

Happy weekend! Oh yes, that time of the week, we all were waiting for, is here again. Like a well-known shortcut says: "TGIF!" I don't know what about you, but I love starting my two days off, almost always nowadays, with something good in the morning so I can feel like it's really true and I'm [...]

Lets be inspired

                       Inspiration. A word which is gonna be very popular in this article. And not only in this one. Inspiration is what life is about. We love to be inspired, we want to be inspired and most of the time we get inspired without even knowing it. [...]