Time for ‘Girls Only’

I believe that my girls are going to kill me for this but I just can't help it- I love this photo! We took about five of these pics but only in this one they can be seen at least a little bit. There is my advice for you, lesson learned no.1: don't take #selfies [...]

Dancin’ with the Dancing House #PragueTbt

Happy 1st August guys! I mean, this really is crazy. When I realized yesterday that it was the last day of July, I was like 'What?!' No no no, this can't be truth. Summer holidays started like yesterday and I am NOT ready to go back to that place called "school" again. Where does the [...]

Confetti from the sky & the best weekend ever

    The last weekend is irreplaceable. I'm pretty sure it will stick in our hearts forever. In mine for sure, at least. Every year, on 24th of July there is a tradition which I keep with my friend Kristýna. Yes, she does have the same name as I do and that's what this post [...]

When in the Bigger City #Prague

  Oh yes, touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt. I guess it is more than truth that surroundins does everything. I tried it myself. Touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt. A few days ago I made a very quick, yet beautiful trip to Prague - capital city of my [...]

Violet and Snowdrops in my view

  Oh yes, these are definitely my the most favourite goodies for this year's season.  Light violet for my nails, gold for my wrist and tender fragrance for my nose - all this means → 100% happy me! That's a very simple eguation. I, personally, love this light violet colour during spring and not only spring [...]

All About The Last Night

There is nothing better than a night out with your friends. I think we all agree. But I found out yesterday that there is something even better than "just" going out with friends.... It is going out with friends to the THEATRE!   I'm writing it because yesterday night I really was with friends in [...]

Bit of Sparkle

Hi everybody! I hope you are all having a beautiful sparkling day because SPARKLE is the topic we are going to talk about today! A past month I was "walking with my eyes open" outside while I was trying to collect an inspiration for articles for Stylemotivation. I just took pictures of things which seemed to be [...]