2 Ways How To Make A Homemade Ice Lolly

  When we, me & my girlfriends, were planning our trip to mountains,  one of the first things on our 'to-do list' was food. I know, I know, sounds a little bit weird, I admit. You should be looking forward to spending the best time of your life with each other, right?! And believe me, we [...]

Time for ‘Girls Only’

I believe that my girls are going to kill me for this but I just can't help it- I love this photo! We took about five of these pics but only in this one they can be seen at least a little bit. There is my advice for you, lesson learned no.1: don't take #selfies [...]

Confetti from the sky & the best weekend ever

    The last weekend is irreplaceable. I'm pretty sure it will stick in our hearts forever. In mine for sure, at least. Every year, on 24th of July there is a tradition which I keep with my friend Kristýna. Yes, she does have the same name as I do and that's what this post [...]

the simpler, the better

    The simpler, the better. Hello guys and happy Thursday! We are in the middle of the week so keep it positive 'cause there are only three days left between us & weekend. And that's a good news right?! A few past weeks I lived and dressed by the rule "The simpler, the better." Or the [...]

Furry Chic

Well, this was a little bit crazier than we expected. It is really funny how happy I look (or I was trying to look) in these pictures but the truth is a bit different.   Our plan was to take some new pics, even though I assumed that My Fave Winter Look will be the only [...]

LOVE is in the air

Today is the day when love is spread all around us in such an amount that you can literally feel it. Because today it's  ST. VALENTINE'S DAY!   When I woke up today and checked my instagram I immediately realized that this day is about to be very sweet. I am serious. There was absolutely no post [...]

All About The Last Night

There is nothing better than a night out with your friends. I think we all agree. But I found out yesterday that there is something even better than "just" going out with friends.... It is going out with friends to the THEATRE!   I'm writing it because yesterday night I really was with friends in [...]