Violet and Snowdrops in my view

  Oh yes, these are definitely my the most favourite goodies for this year's season.  Light violet for my nails, gold for my wrist and tender fragrance for my nose - all this means → 100% happy me! That's a very simple eguation. I, personally, love this light violet colour during spring and not only spring [...]

Roses &… Roses.

     Roses and roses. And roses. The choice that everybody would pick. You don't know what to buy for a woman? Rose is your solution. It is really strange how internationally  used these flowers are. In such a huge quantity! I have to confess myself  that I also fell in this kind. But who wouldn't, right? There is [...]

LOVE is in the air

Today is the day when love is spread all around us in such an amount that you can literally feel it. Because today it's  ST. VALENTINE'S DAY!   When I woke up today and checked my instagram I immediately realized that this day is about to be very sweet. I am serious. There was absolutely no post [...]