Thinking over night with a touch of StyleM

  Good mooorning world!  Ok, I guess 1 a.m. is not morning yet but I think it will be morning until I finish this post so it doesn't  matter, haha!  Do you know that feeling when you just can't sleep and have this temptation to work even when you should be in a Dreamland already? [...]

Back at it with Stripes & old-fashioned Denim

10 days of pause and I think it's enough, haha! I have my last first full week of high school behind me. It was all about organization and getting used to the fact of summer-ending (+plus some decisions) so I'm sorry for being a little bit off the blogging and social media world. This year [...]

Basic Dress with a Touch of Elegance

  I think that today's fashion industry works like this- either you wear many different colours, patterns, materials and crazy combinations all together or you wear barely nothing.   Basic. Basic. Basic. That's what runs the fashion world. Current fashion state of mind, let's say. Basic colours, only black, white or huge palette of nude [...]

Time for ‘Girls Only’

I believe that my girls are going to kill me for this but I just can't help it- I love this photo! We took about five of these pics but only in this one they can be seen at least a little bit. There is my advice for you, lesson learned no.1: don't take #selfies [...]

Denim on Denim #Funfair

This event where all these photos were taken is very important time of the year for all the local people there. It's a small village where my grandparents live and as I said for a million times, it's also my the most favourite place- ever. That's the truth. The funfair takes place annually on the [...]

Dancin’ with the Dancing House #PragueTbt

Happy 1st August guys! I mean, this really is crazy. When I realized yesterday that it was the last day of July, I was like 'What?!' No no no, this can't be truth. Summer holidays started like yesterday and I am NOT ready to go back to that place called "school" again. Where does the [...]

Confetti from the sky & the best weekend ever

    The last weekend is irreplaceable. I'm pretty sure it will stick in our hearts forever. In mine for sure, at least. Every year, on 24th of July there is a tradition which I keep with my friend Kristýna. Yes, she does have the same name as I do and that's what this post [...]