My 2019 Goal

Hello everyone, and happy 2019!!!! It's officially the first #SMWednesday of the new year! How crazy is that. And also yesterday happened to be January 1st which means the 3rd Anniversary of Stylemotivations's foundation. 3 years since this little baby of mine came to existence and became a huge part of my life. I treasure [...]

Dear 2018,

Dear 2018, You put me through a lot. Because of you I celebrated my 20th birthday. Because of you I celebrated my closest friends' 20th birthday by their side. Because of you I made dozens & dozens of priceless memories with them. Because of you I finished my 1st year at university successfully. Because of [...]

Prague Christmas

Hi everyone! Another week, another SM Wednesday is here. There are only two more left till the end of 2018, isn't that crazy?! I mean only one if this one doesn't count. I can't believe it. What will 2019 bring? That's a regular question from me to me. These thoughts are not on our schedule [...]

Christmas Guilty Pleasures

Happy SM Wednesday world! Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere? I can smell it in the air. Festive decorations everywhere you look, millions of people in the streets looking for the best presents for their beloved ones, us students trying to make it happen to hand in all our deadlines before Christmas so that we [...]

Red is for Confidence

Happy Wednesday & St. Nicholas day everyone! It's the St. Nicholas Day today here in the Czech Republic. Well, technically it's tomorrow but some celebrate it tonight already. Including my family. I was thinking about what a little kid I am when it comes to customs and traditions like these. I have always been this [...]

What I’m Grateful For…

Hi, guys! New week is here, coming hand in hand with another #SMWednesday! It is not so long ago since Thanksgiving. Again, Thanksgiving is an American holiday and people in the Czech Republic don't celebrate it. Yet I keep this festival in mind, for various reasons. As a Czech girl I will most likely never [...]

Leopard Print: Cheap or Classy?

Hello world, and welcome my dearest friends, How is your week so far? I hope even better than great. It's another #SMWednesday so it is officially time for a new blog post. I'm so excited! Seriously. Every week seems like the very first one. And I love it. I know I am posting a little [...]