Confetti from the sky & the best weekend ever

    The last weekend is irreplaceable. I'm pretty sure it will stick in our hearts forever. In mine for sure, at least. Every year, on 24th of July there is a tradition which I keep with my friend Kristýna. Yes, she does have the same name as I do and that's what this post [...]

Summer 16 trend / Appliques and Lacing

  Oh yes, I would say that this happens to be my favourite look so far. I was having a girly afternoon with one of my girls while these photos were taken and I have to say: "I love it, love it, love it!"  While strolling in the centre of our city it only called [...]

7 months in the world of blogging

It is unbelievable how the time flies. It seems like yesterday when the first day of new year 2016 was about to start and I was more than excited to do something I was waiting for so long. Now the 7th month is almost at the end. And that fact makes me to think about [...]

Soft white sweatshirt + denim shorts

  White, white, white. I have to say that I really start to like this trend when you wear only one certain colour. Like  hashtag #allblack, hashtag #allwhite etc. Doesn't work for all colours but for the basic ones- thumb up! We can consider this look as "more casual"one and hell yeah it is! But [...]

Off-the-shoulder top & H&M

  Dear friends, let me introduce you my the most favourite piece at the moment. Oh yes, how I love this blue off-shoulder top! It's from H&M, as well as these shorts. To be honest, I was not sure at first if I should buy it or not. The pattern is a little bit different from [...]

All black everything.

  It is officially summer. Yaaaay! For many people around the world summer already started a couple of weeks earlier, while I was still studying hard, boiling my brain more than enytime before. But now, as it's the first week of big summer holidays, I can finally throw everything behind. For a few weeks, at [...]

When in the Bigger City #Prague

  Oh yes, touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt. I guess it is more than truth that surroundins does everything. I tried it myself. Touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt. A few days ago I made a very quick, yet beautiful trip to Prague - capital city of my [...]