Trendy Fall Season Outfit Ideas 2/4

  Allll right, my friends. It's Thursday and I couldn't wait till I can finally share with you another little tip of mine for you to be trendy, fashionable BUT comfortable at the same time during this years Fall season. How many times have I already said that my key thing for dressing up is [...]

Khaki jacket & other obsessions

I told you I'm gonna wear this jacket A LOT. Happy Friday Fashion lovers! I hope you had an amazing week and the following one will be even better. If you ask me, my current school situation is that I barely relized that it's Friday today and tomorrow is weekend- for most of the people [...]

Current Statement: Laced FairyTale 

  What more can I say? This dress=MAGIC! Thank God for the last warm day here in Czech Republic because this was the best way how to celebrate it. Hello hello everyone! How are you all enjoying the first days of autumn?  It was raining in my hometown for the past 3 days so as [...]

Autumn, Autumn here you are!

  Today it's official, hello Autumn! Get ready for nude tones, warm colours and cozy atmosphere. I really like the feeling of Autumn coming. Despite the rain and gloomy weather, somehow it makes you feel excited and happy so you just cannot wait to put your comfy puffy sweater on and relax with a cup of [...]