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Hello Fashion lovers!

And welcome to Stylemotivations.

It might sound like one big cliché since the beginning already if I compose a poem about how happy and grateful I am for you taking your precious time and reading my posts, even if it should be only this one. But that’s the fact. Because I really truly am.

But what actually is Stylemotivations?

Stylemotivations, or as I like to call it – SM, is a fashion blog (surprise, surprise!) where I try to express myself and 3 of my beloved things. Fashion, writing and English. These are three very common areas, nothing really special but you should understand that for me it has much bigger meaning. It is connected with many parts of my life and even though somebody might find it not so interesting, I will never EVER give up on this and even though the world is more than overrun with every single of these areas I will ALWAYS try to do my best to only improve and hope for bright future for this little baby of mine 🙂

Who am I?

I personally really don’t like these type of questions. “Who are you? What are you like? Can you describe yourself in a few words, please?” I can talk about many different topics for hours but when this insidousness pops up, I am screwed. But don’t misunderstand me! It’s not that I don’t know myself. I do. I know my priorities, goals, strengths and weaknesses but sometimes it’s just too hard to put it down and create an understandable sentence, haha! Or maybe somebody would not get it and trying to explain could sometimes be even harder. But this is a free zone so let’s try…

My name is Kristýna and I come from very small country, situated in the middle of Europe – Czech Republic. It is so small and hidden among all the bigger states that from time to time I feel like some people don’t even know about it, haha! But despite all of my complaints I still love it here because it’s my home. As simple as that (HOWEVER, to explore as much of this beautiful world as possible is my dream no.1 tho). I graduated grammar school in my hometown, Ostrava, in May 2017 and currently study in the capital city, Prague, at the university.

It is not a secret that I am big lover of quotes and even bigger believer in motivation. I can spend hours and hours watching videos, searching photos, writing down the most precious quotes. Nevertheless, I must admit that I am quite over those usual ones, like “Follow your dreams!” It is true, you should follow them, but it’s a good motivational advice where everybody sees something different in it, depending on their own sitaution, what I am looking forat the moment.

I am also a very driven person, big believer in freedom and possibility to achieve everything your heart desires. If you put hard work in it and do your best to get it. Oh and also if you truly BELIEVE in it and know it’s THE most right thing for you.

  1. WANT
  3. DO

These are the codes. Oh, and don’t forget!


“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

 – St. Catherine of Sienna

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and taking your time to read this. It really means the world to me.

See you around,

with love

x Kristýna

Instagram: @Stylemotivations

Twitter: @KristynaBz












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