15 Facts About the Person Closest To Me

    Hello everybody & happy SM Wednesday!!! I am back with another blog post for you, guys. This time I've prepared something a little bit different. I feel like I am saying this every single week. Wait, yup. I'm definitely saying this every single week. But I am also really trying to always come [...]

When The Sun Goes Down

Hello world! The #SMWednesday is like fresh air for me, seriously. It makes me feel so excited and happy and thrilled every single week. I am so thankful for you; yes, you who are reading this little creation of mine. Thank you 🧡 Today I decided to do something a little bit different. Let's let all [...]

4 Trends I Said I Would Never Wear & Do

  Happy SM Wednesday, guys! Let me start with a little story this time... You know what they say. Never say never. I recently saw a post on instagram by one of my favorite bloggers and she was wearing a green sweatshirt in a very specific shade of green. She wrote as a caption something [...]

Pictures vs. Reality

  Happy Wednesday world! I hope you are all doing well, enjoying the summer heat & cold drinks! Wait a second.. Why am I presenting an outfit consisting of longer pants and hoodie you may ask, is she crazy? Most likely. But the truth is that these pictures were taken in advance around the month [...]

1st Year of College: 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt

  Hello world, Happy SM Wednesday! Today is August 1st which means that summer is at its best. I am currently in the mountains and even though I spent here almost the whole month of July I don't feel like coming back to the city any time soon. I am finding & using Nature's ability [...]

Thrifting Or Brand New Clothes

  Hey guys! A week later I am back with another SM Wednesday this time with one of the many topics that I'm very excited to discuss with you. What is that? Thrifting! And the temples where the treasure is found - thrift shops. But before I jump into the uncontrollable stream of thoughts that I [...]

The New Era of SM

  Dear world of fashion & blogging, I am back. Stronger than ever, with mind full of ideas, and a different perspective. I've waited for almost 7 months to write this sentence.  As you may already know in October 2k17 I took a break from Stylemotivations. It was around the time I half-moved to Prague [...]