The New Era of SM

  Dear world of fashion & blogging, I am back. Stronger than ever, with mind full of ideas, and a different perspective. I've waited for almost 7 months to write this sentence.  As you may already know in October 2k17 I took a break from Stylemotivations. It was around the time I half-moved to Prague [...]

Roses &… Roses.

     Roses and roses. And roses. The choice that everybody would pick. You don't know what to buy for a woman? Rose is your solution. It is really strange how internationally  used these flowers are. In such a huge quantity! I have to confess myself  that I also fell in this kind. But who wouldn't, right? There is [...]

LOVE is in the air

Today is the day when love is spread all around us in such an amount that you can literally feel it. Because today it's  ST. VALENTINE'S DAY!   When I woke up today and checked my instagram I immediately realized that this day is about to be very sweet. I am serious. There was absolutely no post [...]

All About The Last Night

There is nothing better than a night out with your friends. I think we all agree. But I found out yesterday that there is something even better than "just" going out with friends.... It is going out with friends to the THEATRE!   I'm writing it because yesterday night I really was with friends in [...]

Bit of Sparkle

Hi everybody! I hope you are all having a beautiful sparkling day because SPARKLE is the topic we are going to talk about today! A past month I was "walking with my eyes open" outside while I was trying to collect an inspiration for articles for Stylemotivation. I just took pictures of things which seemed to be [...]

Instagram recalling #1

Ahoj všichni! - Like we would say in my country. I prepared a little unexpected post for you, which I have thought up just a few minutes ago. I chose four photos from my Stylemotivation instagram (@stylemotivations) and my personal account, which have in some way a special meaning for me and also are taken [...]