Christmas Guilty Pleasures

Happy SM Wednesday world!

Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere? I can smell it in the air. Festive decorations everywhere you look, millions of people in the streets looking for the best presents for their beloved ones, us students trying to make it happen to hand in all our deadlines before Christmas so that we can enjoy at least one or two days stress-free..ummm, those pre-Christmas days.

No but on a serious note, I am in love with Christmas. I love the spirit it bears. I love the customs and traditions. I love the family time. I enjoy the vibe as much as I can since December 1st. It is the fairest time of the year. The December 24th & December 31st are the two days which for me are filled with the greatest amount of magic. For so many reasons.

I listed 4 of my Guilty (not so guilty) Pleasures when it comes to Christmas time:

1. Baked Chestnuts & Christmas Markets

Baked chestnuts is a snack (I guess?) which you can buy at the Christmas markets here in Czech Republic (and I believe in some of the other countries as well). It definitely belongs to the “acquired taste foods”. I like it though. It tastes like something in between sweet and salty and people usually say it reminds them of potatoes which is a good point to be honest, hahha. You have to try yourself to really understand. It sounds weird but is not anymore once you try it out. Christmas markets are also my favorite. Again the atmospehere is irreplaceable. I love going there with my family and friends. You can usually buy not only delicious food there but also homemade goods and little ships made of nutshells and wax which you then light up on Christmas day (another Czech tradition) or you make a wish for next year while ringing a little bell.

2. Christmas Fairytales & Movies

Oh yes, I think most of us are guilty of doing that. Do you have some films you simply have to watch EVERY SINGLE YEAR or otherwise it’s not the true Christmas time? Well, I do. I have a whole list, my friends. The Polar Express, Love Actually, my favorite of all time Grinch… Oh yes, out of all the movies Grinch is the one I have always watched during Christmas. Again, you either love this one or don’t understand it at all. I love it. 100%.

3. Lights & Candles

People around me who know me well know how I feel about lights. I. Put. Lights. Everywhere. If I could I would wrap myself in lights. I’m not even kidding, hahha! Especially, when it’s Christmas. I light up candles and my Christmas lights all the time. I simply believe it makes every place so cozy. It makes you feel more at home.

4. Christmas Eve Family Dinner

And last but not least the most important one. This one makes me very sentimental and passionate. When I was little I remember being so over the Christmas dinner and wanted to dive right into the Christmas presents (in the Czech Republic we unpack our presents on Christmas Eve right after the dinner) instantly. If I could I would have skipped the dinner without a word. That’s how every little kid feels of course. Now I’m living for the Christmas dinner. I love it so so much. You have your family at one table, enjoying a delicious meal while listening to Christmas carols playing silently in the background. Your grandparents may be there with you as well. And that makes you feel even more grateful. It’s the one moment when all the preparations are done and even your mum who was doing her best to get everything ready on time can rest for a second. If the dinner takes five hours I would not complain. Sometimes I wish it never ends. We don’t usually realize how precious that time is. When you’re sitting at the table this year having the Christmas dinner look around. And know how lucky you are to have whoever you’re spending your Christmas Eve with there.

Enjoy the Christmas time as much as you can! I hope the end of 2018 will bring you magic.

See you next week, my loves.

With love,

x Kristýna

Instagram: @stylemotivations

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