Red is for Confidence

Happy Wednesday & St. Nicholas day everyone!

It’s the St. Nicholas Day today here in the Czech Republic. Well, technically it’s tomorrow but some celebrate it tonight already. Including my family. I was thinking about what a little kid I am when it comes to customs and traditions like these. I have always been this way as far as I remember. Is it weird? Most likely but I love it. Especially now since I live away from home because of school and it is quite difficult not being with my family during December when everything reminds you of how much you actually wish you were with them right now. So I try to look for the smallest things to be excited about in relation to Christmas. Believe me, sometimes it gets really crazy. The friend of mine who’s living here with me could confirm, hahha!

But we are not here to talk about how crazy I am and how excited I am about this red combo as it makes me look like Santa Claus.

We are here to discuss what the red color represents when it comes to fashion. I don’t know if it’s only me but when I was younger I somehow felt that red color evoked a negative connotation. I mean red room for instance.. what do you associate it with? See! And when it comes to clothes, especially if it was a woman wearing it, misunderstanding might have happened. Not if you put on a red scarf only or a red sweatshirt, of course. However, the whole red look, a dress for instance, may have made a wrong impression. Obviously it’s a very old opinion and nobody cares about it anymore, thank God! Because I’m here to claim the opposite. The color does not make a woman less. The association has changed…

It is not so long ago since women started embracing the all-red-everything combination. A red dress, heels and lipstick became a sign of elegance, gracefulness with a touch of spice and passion. I love red color and that is exactly what it represents for me.

I used to wear outfits consisting of basic colors only. I was fed up with colors for a long time. Then it was time to by my prom dress and it was a big deal for me. I wanted it to be perfect. And it really was. I was looking for dress in nude shades and then I was offered a red one. I remember not wanting to try it out at all. And then I did and it changed the game. It was the way it made me feel. I felt confident.

The dress is still on my instagram if you fancy a look. They were so simple but stunning. I wear red color ever since. In one of the latest issues of Vogue Czechoslovakia the whole magazine was dedicated to red color and its representation of passion, confidence and strength of a woman. And I could not agree more.

Wear whatever you feel confident in. It’s your confidence. It’s your body.

See you next Wednesday, my loves.

x Kristýna

More photos on my instagram: @stylemotivations

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