What I’m Grateful For…

Hi, guys!

New week is here, coming hand in hand with another #SMWednesday!

It is not so long ago since Thanksgiving. Again, Thanksgiving is an American holiday and people in the Czech Republic don’t celebrate it. Yet I keep this festival in mind, for various reasons. As a Czech girl I will most likely never fully understand how the Americans feel about Thanksgiving for real, but I try. I know the history and all that. Nevertheless, what I appreciate so much is the thought. Of giving thanks. So, even though I’m not an American and don’t celebrate this holiday I believe there are no rules of nationality when it comes to being grateful.

So here are several moments and things I am grateful for this year:

1. Being creative

2018 was the year I finally started being creative again. I took a loooong break from Stylemotivations trying to keep my new life in Prague together. One of my main reasons for half-moving to Prague, and I already said it millions of times before, was to let myself grow. And Stylemotivations. I paid the price for making this decision but as the first year was passing by, even though I was and still am enormously grateful for living and studying here, the creative part of my life was burnt out. Completely. Dead. I was really doubtful if I ever manage to come back, with something new and fresh. But the turning point appeared. And I’m back. And very grateful.

2. Prague

Dear, Prague

You have my heart.

Or part of it, at least. As a piece was left back home + I still need to keep some more for other places in the world. But seriously.

You gave me so much. You enriched me in a way I can barely put down in words.

Living and studying and now working in your heart is my biggest achievement thus far. So much effort was put in in order to make you a part of my life. But no matter what the process included it was all worth it. All the good, as well as not so good things. I treasure it all.

Thank you.

3. Being persistent

Being persistent is key. But also very very hard. The opinions of others affect us daily, there is too much influence wherever you go.

This year I am also very grateful for making up my own mind and standing up for what I believe in and set myself to do.

Please do the same for yourself.

4. New people

This one crossed my mind very recently. I got a new job approximately a month ago and it is quite challenging, I’m not gonna lie. But it gave me so much experience already that I cannot complain. It also brought new people to my life. New people mean new inspiration, and if those people are good ones it means more light in your life. So it’s a win both ways. ❤️

5. Me being whatever I want to be

2018 is almost over, there is just one more month left and that makes the sentimental thoughts come. I will definitely write more posts like this one in the upcoming weeks, hahha. As I always do. For now let’s just say that this was my goal for 2018. To be more me. Cliché af, I’m not saying it’s not. But usually the “clichés” are the things people are least capable of. Maybe even afraid of I dare to say. At the end of 2k17 I told myself I would not let people who have no positive impact on my life invade it. And to influence what I’m thinking of myself and how I behave. This has always been a tough one for me. So today I’m grateful for being a bit closer to attaining this goal almost completely.

Here are mine.

What are you grateful for?

With love,

x Kristýna

More photos via my instagram: @Stylemotivations

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