5 Places with the Best Views in Prague

Happy SM Wednesday, world!

Life was crazy during the past couple of weeks. It is a roller coaster. Seriously.

You may be asking, why am I sharing such a random topic. (random, but worth reading I promise! Hahha)

Where do I start.

At the beginning of the school year, earlier this October, I was a bit concerned whether it’s possible for me to continue contributing to Stylemotivations according to the regular schedule. The school and its own schedule is a bit crazy itself and it always has to take the first place in my life. Nevertheless, I was (and still am) very determined to make it work and up till this day I never missed a week. Well now, little update of mine, there is not only the crazy schedule of school but even crazier one of the new job that I recently got. I still am trying to figure everything out but I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you sticking with me through the whole process. I appreciate it more than you know. ❤️

So let’s talk about 5 places with the best views of Prague and its surroundings!

#1 Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad has a special place in my heart for several reasons, and good memories. Me and my friend we usuallly go there together during the warm summer evenings, drinking apple cider, talking about life at one moment, laughing at some stupid s&@t right after. It’s a place of many hidden corners where you can escape the urban life for a little while. It is a great place if you need to think. There is a park and it really is a nice walk there. With your family, friends, other halves, whoever. And the view? So pretty! I will always recommend this one.

#2 Letná

Letná could be considered as another park. It’s situated right in the city centre. It’s huge even though people are usually interested in one specific spot. The one where all the tourists are coming. To see the view of the Prague bridges. Prague is well-known for its bridges. Just like for its hundred towers. I was there and I saw it myself. Do I even look like I belong to that picture? No. It’s that magical and fairy.

#3 ‘Jiráskův Bridge’ & ‘Most Legií’

These two bridges are one of the most famous ones. Besides the Charles Bridge, of course. One of them is located right next to the Dancing House (my favorite building) and the other near the National Theatre. Both providing the visitors with a breathtaking view of the Prague castle, Charles Bridge, and the river Vltava. Typical postcard view. So touristic. But I cannot help it. Every time I pass by I have to stop and take a picture of that beauty. Then I just stand there for couple more seconds to soak the royal atmosphere in.

#4 ‘Divoká Šárka’

Divoká Šárka (‘divoká’ translated as ‘wild’, & ‘Šárka’ is a Czech name for a girl) is the newest to my addition. I knew about the place for a while but did not visited it until recently. It is captured in all the pictures from the Halloween post. And the name is not wrong. It is wild. Wildness in the middle of the capital. Once I entered I felt as if I was back in the mountains at my grandparent’s. I loved it. It is quite. It is nature. It is the place of my escape. There are also huge rocks and if you climb up a mindblowing view will be offered. You can even see planes landing in the distance. A dream. You won’t regret it.

#5 Nusle Bridge

And last but not least, the Nusle Bridge. My close friend showed me the spot. I don’t even know how to describe the atmospere of this area. I mean it is not a typical “touristic place.” It is also notoriously known for not so pleasant things. There are many many cars passing by you when you’re crossing. It leads you to Vyšehrad. I feel like a lot of people would not really find it much interesting. But whenever I stand there I feel something. There is this energy. There is wind in your hair. Sunset right in front of you (beautiful precisely during summertime). And you see everything. Everything. Simply give it a chance. You may be surprised.

This is it for this week, guys. The little piece of me for you.

Hope you’re having an amazing amazing amazing week!

Love you.

x Kristýna

More photos via my Instagram: @stylemotivations

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