Autumn Casual Elegance

Hey you beautiful people!

How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying the autumn season to the fullest. It’s at its best at the moment. Or that is as I feel at least. And as it seems here in the Czech Republic.

We’ve been treated with crazy weather so far. In the best sense. The whole month of October? Sunny and warm. Beginning of November? Sunny and warm! I am so happy and feel so grateful, seriously.

I feel a little bit sad October is gone though. It is my favorite month. But November is cool too, and December follows so it’s all good. It’s so funny how till Halloween everyone was still in the Autumn spooky mode. Once November 1st hit- Christmas decorations are everywhere, hahha. It snapped like nothing.

I’m trying to make the most of this weather. It is really uncommon not to be wrapped in puffy jackets 24/7 at this time of the year. So here is my fall fashion inspiration.

Sweater, coat, light pants. Very elegant, yet very casual. And comfortable. And trendy. And simply cool. What one needs more?

I wear the pants almost every season, and I’m not even kidding. I love it so much! It fits so many different styles and can be worn to various occasions. I should seriously stop. But can’t help it. The sweater is my new favorite. It’s typically Fall and I will 100% use it for winter season as well.

This look is very classic. But there is nothing wrong with classic. Classic is what saves you when every other option gets wrong, right?! Black & white/creamy combo, and you are ready to go and enjoy that cozy autumn afternoon.

That’s what I was doing at least. After work I went for a lunch with my dear friend and then we were just strolling around the streets of Prague finding new little hidden corners. Ended up with a cup of coffee watching the most beautiful Prague view from the top. Okay, this sounds super cliché and cheesy. But if you experienced it before you can’t say it’s not pretty. And worth it.

This is what I got for you today, hope you enjoyed!

See you next week on Wednesday ❤️

With love,

x Kristýna

More photos via instagram: @stylemotivations

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