Cream, Red & Green: Not Only For Christmas

Hello everybody, happy Wednesday!

How is your week going so far? I hope great.

I’m back with a dose of fashion for you again presenting my favourite combination for this Fall season: red, dark green & creamy colour. Typical winter combo, are you saying? Not anymore.

My friend & I, we went for a walk the other day to explore the streets of Prague a little bit more. There are so many beautiful places and little spots to discover. Seriously, new fairy hidden-not-so-hidden corners ready to be found wherever you go.

This street gave me the fall vibes at its finest and it also made me realize how suitable these colours are for Autumn. I don’t know how about you but whenever I saw this combination of dark red and green, these shades specifically, it reminded me of Christmas. I still think those are the “typical festive colours” but I don’t think it only belongs to the Christmas time of the year anymore. Especially the deep green. Accompanied by nude tones of all kinds of shades it screams “FAAALL!!”

What do you think?

It always depends on how you combine the various items. This was my first proper Fall outfit of this season so I figured why not to share.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Have the most beautiful day & week ❤️

See you next Wednesday!

With love,

x Kristýna

More photos via my instagram: @stylemotivations

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