Floral Print for Fall

Hi, guys!

Another week means another #SMWednesay and it’s finally fashion related again!

This week’s topic, post, whatever you want to call it, is the right example of me getting inspired wherever I go, and whoever I can get the inspiration from. These pictures were taken a few days ago when I went for a walk with a close friend of mine. We were seeking the little unknown corners of the places we already knew. On that day the weather was extremely good. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I was wearing dress in mid-October. Am I complaining? Hell no!

This is exactly the type of Fall I love. It’s not too hot but not too cold. The sun is shining, the sky is incredibly blue, creating the contrast with all the beautifully colored trees. Golden hour is even more magical during this time of the year.

This clearly is a summer dress. I put a sweatshirt over it which is my favorite thing to do nowadays. Combining the seasonal clothes together . If you feel like wearing summer dress during Fall why not? You can always make it look like Autumn or Winter right?

But I was a little bit hesitant with this print to be honest. I mean isn’t it too much still?

Well, I wore it as you can see. And the longer I was being outside the more I was coming to conclusion the dress perfectly matched the surroundings. It was not out of place at all.

My friend who took these photos was also so fond of it. And even one of you, my beautiful friends, shared their thoughts saying floral prints should be a new trend for Fall! This girl also inspired me to write this blog post so thank you. ❤️

So the lesson of the day is not to care what’s written in the rules made by others but do whatever the hell you want. (If it’s safe & not hurting others though.)

+ a little fun fact.. I wore this dress to many noble events. It’s supposed to be the dress you wear in order to dress up. Well, not anymore. Sweatshirt & sneakers, here I come!

Have the most beautiful day.

And see you next Wednesday!

With love,

x Kristýna

More photos via Instagram: @Stylemotivations

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