Life Update

Happy Wednesday, guys!

Today I will try to avoid talking about everything else but the fundamental, and get to the point instantly.

There are so many things which are crossing my mind daily. So many questions. It is actually quite convenient because I remember the day these pictures were taken very clearly. My mind was not in the best place on that day. It is impossible to explain what my mind bears and has to deal with. Long story short, doubts, worries and uncertainty were taking over.

I know this is way too deep and it’s most likely not what you are interested in. Of course I could be writing about “5 tips how to trend this autumn” (not that I will not in the future, hahha) but I simply can’t today. I can’t make myself do something I don’t want to. Remember the time I told you nobody will ever force me do something I don’t feel like doing? Well, that includes myself.

So after a long brainstorming and trying to come up with something a little bit more positive I have decided to do this still. Create a little life update. Why? It is kinda for myself to be completely honest. So that I get at least some of the thoughts of my chest and can focus on what is about to come. There is a lot going on at school, my life, Stylemotivations, and I am trying really hard to find balance or at least something remotely resembling the mystery called balance.

I am so sorry this is not the most positive note. I wish it could be. I only know that if I want to keep going I have to be truthful. With not only you who are so supportive and follow my journey along. Thank you for that. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart. But also myself.

I know that there are “ups and downs,” “good days and bad days.” And I know we all have them. There is nothing special or rare about that. But I also know that keeping it to yourself cannot be done forever. It will eat you alive.

So I guess that is my message for today.

I know that a lot of people nowadays are not sharing what they feel or what they are going through emotionally because they feel like it’s not worth it. Nobody is interested, right? It is so “cliché.”

People are afraid of cliché.

But sometimes cliché is what’s necessary. Because it relieves you. And helps you understand. Don’t let ego and prejudices trap you inside of the “what’s supposed to nowadays.” Don’t let it give you that label.

It is okay not to feel okay. And it is okay to talk about it.

See you next time with something much more positive. Thank you for reading what I had to say. I appreciate it more than you know.

Have the most beautiful day and week ❤️

With enormous love,

x Kristýna

All photos via: @duende.galeria

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