Life in Prague: Season 2 Episode 01

Hello everybody, and happy October!!!

I am so excited for this month, I love October very much. It is the time of the year when my school year begins again but you know what? This year it was a good start. It’s only October 3rd and I already have created some beautiful memories.

My school has started which means new challenges have to be accepted. But most importantly, I’m back in Prague!!! The life away from home sets off again. If you’re interested and want to keep up with what it’s like to be a student living in the capital follow me on my instagram, the funny stories from everyday life are pretty much there.

So me being back in Prague makes me be the responsible version of myself again. I mean you have to take care of so many things on your own. However, it also makes me think about what I have learned so far from the people and everyday life here.

What is it like to live in Prague?

Living in Prague is like living in a constant fairytale. Wherever you go, especially in the Old Town part, you feel like something magical is going to happen in a minute. King riding his horse in the streets. That is the kind of vibe this city offers. The buildings, the architecture… I’ve heard many opinions coming from the foreigners’ points of view, and their thoughts when visiting Prague were “is this city even real? It feels like a trip to the past.” And that’s true. Prague really feels like that. We travel in time here.

There are many lessons I’ve learned so far when it comes to the daily life of the people living here. I mean, you never ever shall appear in the way of the locals when they are rushing to their work or other place they are already running late to. Never stand on the left side of the escalator. Even though you will not understand why are all the people running up the escalators because the stairs are fast themselves at first, sooner or later the speed will not be fast enough for you either and you’ll become one of those being angry once the left side is blocked by tourists.

And many many more. It simply becomes a part of your lifestyle. You adopt.

The city where I come from, Ostrava, is very different from Prague. But leťs leave my opinion as a person born and raised in Ostrava behind and just see the typical characteristics of the everyday Prague life as an “outsider.”

I must say that I tried to adopt as soon as possible. During my first year here I made so many mistakes I lost count. Every single time I was like “oh god, fine you’re a human being. You make mistakes. Just make sure this one won’t happen ever again.” And I learned. A lot.

I learned from the people here. I learned from various situations I was made to deal with.

One thing I realized during the summer semester mostly, but when the well-known Christmas markets were happening as well. You come to conclusion you are on a neverending holidays when living. Let me explain.

Of course you have responsibilities and duties. Some times there is so much at once you easily get trapped in the “big city cycle.” You are tired, exhausted. But then you look around. And you find out that the way you’re going to school is the most magical ever. You get to go along little streets filled with history. You cross the Old Town Square at least three times a day just to get to another class. You see Prague Castle everytime you leave school. And when your obligations are done you can just go and enjoy the pretty parks or Vyšehrad view, or any other cultural opportunities this place offers. I mean I just got from a beautiful exhibition where I went inbetween my two classes when I had time. Not everyone can do that. And we who are lucky enough to be able to live at least part of our lives here should not take that for granted. I don’t take it for granted. I’m aware I promise. No matter what my mood is, my thoughts or obligations I have. I am forever grateful.

People are coming to Prague for vacation to get to know this mysterious place that attracts them so much for just couple of days and then have to go. I get to live here and experience things they don’t get the chance to even find out exist. How did I get this lucky?

So let’s live the second year here and make the most of it. Let’s make it the best one yet. Let’s enjoy the student life and take every chance we’re given. If Prague is your home away from home as well, please do the same.

Btw. I gotta go, my class starts in couple of minutes, hahha.

Love you, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

See you next week!

With love,

x Kristýna

All photos by: @duende.galeria

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