1 Day in Vienna: 5+ Things You Have To Do

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Happy #SMWednesday guys!

How are you all doing?

More than a week ago I made a very spontaneous and quite last minute trip to Vienna to finish this year’s summer holidays on a good note. I went with two of my close friends and honestly it is the best thing you can do- exploring a new city, or place in general with your friends. The memories you make along the way are priceless. I was feeling very grateful. Also I was even more excited because unlike them I never visited Vienna until that time.  I could not wait to see what it offers.

Due to all the circumstances, long story short, we went for only one day and in fact had only 7 hours in total to see what we desired to see and visit what we wanted to visit. It was pretty challenging and tiring to manage to do everything we planned, but i was more than determined to make it happen and make the absolute most of the trip.

Here are the 5 places that we visited + a few other things I definitely plan on doing next time:

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#1 Belvedere

This magical place was the first one on our list. It looked so surreal. What is pretty surprising is that it’s located in the moddle of the center of the city and in reality there are quite modern buildings and modern life happening everywhere around. That may be kinda distracting from the whole atmosphere of the palace, nevertheless, you forget about the surroundings once you get there to be honest. It is a fairytale. The beautiful and massive architecture with the great gardens can not even be captured in the picture in its true beauty. You have to see yourself.

#2 Stadtpark

Vienna is famous for its parks. It is a public secret that this city is built of many beautiful parks which may resemblethe royal gardens as well. Some of them are smaller than the others, yet equally beautiful. The day of our trip was Sunday which is probably not the best day chosen if you want to shop like crazy, as everything is closed. On the other hand we experienced something much better and more precious. During the lunchtime we went to one of the parks, Stadtpark, which is close to Belvedere castle, and sat in the grass under the tree and relaxed for a bit. The best part was we got to see the daily life of the people living there. There were so many families, and groups of friends just chilling and enjoying life and their Sunday. It is a beautiful tradition, as I see it.

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#3 Mariahilfer Straße

As I mentioned before, we went on Sunday. Probably not the smartest decision, because everything was closed. Literally everything. This street is the longest and the most well-known one in Vienna. It’s known for all the shops the street is built of. It is the shopping zone. Well, not on Sunday. Still it is worth visiting, not only for the shops. It is a nice walk as well. Despite being so long it’s wide as well with tall building and high trees framing the area so it evokes very cozy atmosphere. I was surprised to be honest. AND you meet very interesting people there.

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#4 Stephansdom 

Next stop was so-called Stephansdom. It’s a massive cathedral with beautiful architecture once again. There are a looot of people but the pictures from this place are more than perfect, if you’re patient hahha. + little tip stay till the full hour so that you hear the bells ringing. It’s worth it.

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#5 Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn was our last stop. At this point we were very tired, exhausted from the sun and very ready to go to the train station again. But it was also pretty. It is a huge area and we didn’t even manage to see it all. But from all we saw- magic (I liked the Belvedere a little bit more though to be honest.)

So here you have it. 7 hours, 5 places.

I definitely suggest buying a full-day ticket so that you can transport from one place to another. The local subway is another cool experience and it saves a LOT of time.

There are some more things that we wanted to do but did not get the time for. It is on my list for next time though. Such as having a cup of coffee and the famous Sachertorte at local shop with the street view. Or buying the local newspaper. It is a nice souvenir.

And what about your experience? Have you ever been to Vienna?

Let me know!

See you next Wednesday!

With love,

x Kristýna

more photos via instagram: @stylemotivations 

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