Summer 2k18: 6 Favorite Memories

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Happy SM Wednesday guys!!!

I hope you are all doing well. No, not well. I hope you are doing freakin’ AMAZING!

The weather is still nice enough to let us enjoy the last moments of the summer sun, however, as the month of August is slowly but surely approaching and all the responsibilities are almost here it made me recall on the summer days by the pool with a book and good drink.

So I have decided to share my 6 most favorite memories of the summer 2k18. The moments I am the most grateful for.

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#1: Trip to Vienna with My Girls

This is the most recent one. Life is all about making memories. Creating the moments you will remember forever with the people you love the most. There is no better way how to invest your money and time. Exploring new places is what inspires me. Seeing the different cultures and people living different lives. It’s precious. I don’t get to travel abroad too much, unfortunately. Hopefully that will change soon. But for now whenever I get the chance I feel so incredibly grateful. Very spontaneously, me and my two friends, we have decided to visit Vienna for one day. Not even a day actually due to the transportation etc. We had 7 hours in total. And let me tell you, we made the most of it. I am going to write single blog post on this topic soon for you. So stay tuned if you’re interested 🙂

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#2: Czechoslovakian Vogue Magazine Launch

This may seem kinda random and out of place but it is not I promise. This was a key moment for the fashion industry here in my country and I am so happy to be able to witness this milestone. It was HUGE. I talked about it on my social media already couple of  times. But it seriously did not dissapoint. As far as I am concerned at least. This magazine is a source of inspiration in the first place. Nevertheless, it would not be fair to leave it only in the ‘inspiration section’. It is also art. It is very different from any other already existing fashion magazine in the Czech Republic. It’s also educational.Not only in the fashion area but in the Czech history as well. It is magic. Let’s leave it there.

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#3: Colours of Ostrava

This summer I also managed to attend the local festival in my hometown It is the event of the year. I am not even kidding. People from the whole country come here during that time of the year. People from abroad are coming to join the festival. and as ridiculous as it sounds I did not manage to go until this year. How crazy is that?! I live here and never went?! I was ashamed to be honest. Like what. It really seemed as if I am not going this time either. But last minute I got the opprtunity and decided to take it. The best decision I made so far. I spent it with great people and I am not even exaggerating right now when I say was LIVING. As funny as it sounds, I was having the best time. And felt very grateful to be there.

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#4: New Adittion to Our Family

If you follow me on my instagram you have most likely seen this little devil more than multiple times already. His name is Simba. And I love him. Even though my arms are deformed thanks to him scratching me all. the. time. But I don’t care. My grandma says those are scratches of love. He expressing how much he loves me. Well., he gotta love me tons.

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#5: Two Months in Nature

This summer has been my most favourite so far. Why? Because I got to spend the whole two months in nature at the place which is very dear to my heart. Actually the dearest one. Once I decided to go studying in a different city what was making me very sad was that i knew i won’t get to spend as much time there with my beloved ones as i would like to. But I also knew I had to go. So after a year in the big city my mind and soul were begging me to take a breather. So I did. No makeup, no brushing my hair, swimsuit only, barefoot.. woods, nature, beautiful sunsets every night. It was a process of healing. And I am so grateful. More than I can possibly express.

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#6 Sunset Hunting. 

I am a sunset lover. Once again, if you’re following me on my instagram you probably know. But seriously, it’s kinda an addiction. Wherever I go I look for the sunset light. And the clouds covered in the golden/pink/orange clothing. It is my thing. So every single evening I went to my favourite spot and watched the sun going down. Just sitting on the ground. Leaving everything else behind.

These are my favourite memories. What are yours?

see you next week,

with love,

x Kristýna

more photos via instagram: @stylemotivations

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