5 Tips How to Improve Your Dorm



Hello my dearest university fellows, this one is for you!

Or anyone who is studying and living away from home actually.

The summer is unfortunately over and the “back to school season” is back. I cannot decide whether I’m upset or not. I mean at the end of August, literally on August 31st I was so sad. I could not imagine saying goodbye to the warm days filled with freedom. But as soon as the calendar hit September 1st and I sensed a little tiny bit of the Fall vibe I was like “Let’s do this! I’m so ready!!!” I love Fall, and Halloween and the cozy feeling that only Autumn can give you. So at the end of the day I’m excited. Are you?

But with the Fall months coming the responsibilities appear as well. All kinds of adult stuff that you had no idea you would ever have to deal with. Especially if you had decided to study in a different city. I know what I am talking about. Trust me. First problem: place to live. That is what I will focus on today. There are various options, one of them being a dorm. It is not a secret that dorms are usually not the most… glamorous. Let’s put it this way. I remember the first time my mum saw the room I was supposed to live in for a year. She was more than ready to pack my bags with tears in her eyes back in our car and drive straight home. But I tried to convince her “Nono, mum, it’s gonna be okay. I promise! Look at the beautiful view!” The view really was so freakin’ beautiful. You could recall from my instastories. But I was a little bit scared to be honest. On the other hand I also knew me & my friend, we’re gonna make it work. It is only about the perspective you know.

So here are my 5 tips how to make your dorm room cozier so that you feel good. Because that is always the main goal. Feeling good.

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Tip #1: Make It Your Own

This is probably the most imoprtant one. It may sound so weird but it’s key. Once you get the room you have to make sure you make it your own. It cannot be strange and unfamiliar anymore. How can you live in a place that you don’t feel at home in? I always made sure my mindset was: it’s mine. Or more specifically ours. It may take time. But it helps.

Tip #2: Decorations

I was so excited for this part. I could not wait. I spent almost whole summer searching for pinterest ideas how to make your dorm look cool and cozy. I was living for those pictures I am not even kidding. I told my friend immediately that there is no way I’m living in that room unless we buy a clothing stand and pretty lights. Luckily she had the same opinion. So we did. During the first few days we attacked IKEA and bought the stand. Later we added couple other details, candles etc., and the cozy room became a reality. I was so happy! So look for the inspiration. See this as your opportunity to finally be able to decorate your own room to your own preferance (if you had not been able to do that like me before) and let your imagination free. Some may say it’s not worth putting so much effort in the room as you are most likely not gonna be there the next year and will have to leave but you know what? You are going to spend one year of your life there, so you better make it pretty.


Tip #3: Personal Items

This one I consider the most important. Even more important than the first one. My room was literally overran with objects that have certain meaning for me or remind me of my beloved ones. When I was moving out and my mum saw all the little things that I brought there from home she was like “why do you have it all here? couldn’t you leave it at home?” Well mum, I would not spend a minute in that room if I had not surrounded myslef with those little things. No, thank you. That’s my secret how I managed to be there, not wanted to run away and in fact liked that place.



Tip #4: Use the Space You Got

I tried to use all the space I got. No empty spaces. I mean minimalism is good. But only as long as you got a room where there are clean walls and nice undamaged furniture. For instance I was very lucky to get a large table. That was the good part. So not only that I used it for my homework, books, notebooks etc. I also created a little cosmetic corner right next to the stand. With the view and lights in the backround it was my little corner which I loved so much. It made me feel like I’ve got my sh#it together at least a little bit, hahha. No, I’m not even kidding. That’s simply the truth.



Tip #5: Create Magic

Yes, this is my final advice and tip. Create magic. What else can you do? I mean who am I trying to fool here the dorms are in horrible condition most of the time. So you gotta do what you gotta do. But it is not as bad as it seems I promise. I’m telling you, it looked horrible at first but the year went by and in the end I was leaving that place with a heavy heart.


The dorms are fun to be honest. I am really glad I get to experience it. The real student life with all the aspects. I guarantee you the rest was not as glamorous as the little parts I have decided to share. And honestly even though it’s really funny sometimes how miserable the conditions are I decide not to share because it would probably only scare you and discourage you from trying. And what is the point of that? You have to try yourself. Every experience is different.

I wish to all the students the most successful year possible. Let’s fights another battle.

Okay, I may be a little bit overdramatic now. But you, my student allies, know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it really feels like a battle with the threat of a sudden death. Jk. Lets do this!

Have the most beautiful week!!!

with love,

x Kristýna

photos by: @duende.galeria



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