15 Facts About the Person Closest To Me


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Hello everybody & happy SM Wednesday!!!

I am back with another blog post for you, guys. This time I’ve prepared something a little bit different. I feel like I am saying this every single week. Wait, yup. I’m definitely saying this every single week. But I am also really trying to always come up with various and fresh ideas that differ, so I guess I am doing the job.

I was wondering… Whenever I decide to follow somebody on any social media it makes me think. I see all the pictures, all the posts, articles, but I don’t even know who I follow. Of course that computer of phone does not allow me to get to know the person as much as if I meet him/her personally, unfortunately. It is also very very very very important to always keep something to yourself. Because that is what makes us so interesting and unique. The myserious side of us.

After a long brainstorming I have picked several facts about the person that is so close to me, as nobody else ever will be most likely. aka me. I mean have you ever thought about that, or realized that usually big part of our lives is being spent on finding that one person who becomes the closest to us and loves you no matter who you are? Yet the one who got your back your entire life along the way of searching is you. Just saying.

So let’s get into it. Here are the 15 facts. Why 15? You’ll find out soon.

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  1. I use cutlery the other way around. A fork in my right hand, a knife in the left one. Always. My entire life. Don’t judge.
  2. I NEVER sleep during the day. Ever. If I do something is wrong and I feel very sick. I also never go to bed early. Even if I’m tired I still fall asleep around midnight the earliest. Whenever I go to bed at 10 pm, for instance, my mum becomes worried and suspicious that I am ill.
  3. My birthday is on 21st January. The same day as Christian Dior was born. He is also my favourite fashion designer. Coincidence? Don’t think so.
  4. I love wind. People hate when it messes with their hair. I love it. Besides the night sky the wind is what gives me energy and strength.
  5. I’m 20 years old and people still think I’m 15. One time a woman thought I’m 12. No, I am not. Thank you.
  6. My all time favourite number is 15. Whenever it’s 15th something good happens.
  7. You can never make me do something I don’t want to. Since I was a little kid. Seriously. Don’t even try that. If I do something even thought I didn’t want to at first it’s because some little part within me secretly wanted to try. But if there is no such a part and I said no…Remember one thing. The ‘no’ meant NO. I generally hate when somebody tells me what to do. Or what I can and cannot do. How the hell can you know?
  8. I have 3 tattoos.

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9. I was born in two zodiac signs. My birth date is sometimes considered as the end of Capricorn or the beginning of Aquarius. I used to hate when people said I’m a capricorn. But I have to admit there are big similarities. So my personality is pretty much a mix.

10. My favourite place in the world is the smallest one you can possibly think of. And no matter how much I share on social media I never share the location of that one place. It’s too precious and dear to my heart.


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11. I actually enjoy being by myself. I know a lot of people hate that, they simply cannot be on their own. I like it. Don’t misunderstand me, I love being surrounded by people. But I love being alone as well. It is good to know how to do that. You never know.

12. I CANNOT eat tuna. I used to but certain experience from when I was little does not allow me anymore. Hell no.

13. This one my sister helped me with. Whenever I go shopping or simply want an opinion if something is good or not I always ask somebody. But the conversation  also always looks like something like this.

Me: Which one? The red and blue ones or the green and yellow ones?

My sister: Green and yellow.

Me (instantly): Yup, red and blue.

(This literally happened few days ago. I’m sorry. I told you. I always do what I want in the end.)

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14. There is not one specific motto, or sentence that I would built my life on. It’s couple of thoughts that I keep in mind and always try to remember. Such as: “You are the only one who knows what you can.” “Don’t rely on someone else’s experience, always try yourself.” “Kindness costs you nothing. Always be kind to people. You never know what is somebody going through. Remember that you are not the only one fighting battles here.” There is much more, but those are the ones that cross my mind right now. I usually share on ig anyway. So that it may help at least someone to not forget 🙂 That also goes hand in hand with my biggest goal in life. I know that you are probably expecting something like “beautiful family, big house, a dog, a good job..” Well. My biggest goal in life is to once I am old, surrounded by my grandchildren I will know that I’ve done my absolute best. I will know that I have lived a fulfilled life. I will know that I smiled as much as I could. I will know that I have no regrets. I will no longer have a temptation to run away. To see every single part of the world. I won’t have this anxious feeling within because I feel like I had not done what I wanted to. Because I will have seen and done what I was supposed to. I will just sit there surrounded by my beloved ones, my future family, and I will be happy. Here you have it.

15. I have not been to every single country in the world, and I have not been to so many as well so that I have the previlige to judge and say my final verdict. But from where I’ve been so far, Greece, Crete specifically, is where I left a piece of my heart. For many reasons. And let’s just say, not only because of the water which was so crystal-clear.

Here you have it. 15 facts about me. Fact no.16 I was really considering not posting these pictures. Not because I don’t like them. I’m just not used to posting this type of pictures of myself. I still am a bit nervous. But you know what? Screw it. This is me.

I hope you all have the most beautiful week so far.

See you next week on Wednesday!

With love,

x Kristýna

photos by: @duende.galeria

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