4 Trends I Said I Would Never Wear & Do

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Happy SM Wednesday, guys!

Let me start with a little story this time…

You know what they say. Never say never.

I recently saw a post on instagram by one of my favorite bloggers and she was wearing a green sweatshirt in a very specific shade of green. She wrote as a caption something like this: “Never say never. I said I would never wear this shade of green after my elementary school uniform ever in my life, yet here I am.” And that made me think. Because my personal style has been evolving a lot and my wardrobe includes pieces that my past self would refuse to put on. I am very happy that I finally got to the point in this area of my life which is such a big part of who I am where I am not afraid to experiment, try and fail, but try. Stand out at least a little bit. And not to care so much about the opinion of others.

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For years I was trying to discover my personal style. Find the clothes that I feel good in. I spent so much time trying to get inspired by other people in such a way that I became them. Yes, it might have looked good but it was not me. Remember one thing: get inspired but never copy.

Now whatever you see me wearing it is what makes me feel myself. My personal style is not where I would like it to be but I am getting there, and even if it is not perfect yet, it is mine. The truth is that nowadays I tend to wear things that are really stylish in the fashion world but people around me get embarrased when walking next to me, hhaha! I like it though. Because I know that at least I differ. And different is always good.

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So after I saw this blogger’s post I have realized that during the past several months I surprised myself a lot with pieces or aspects of fashion that I was so much against once. And here they are:

#1 Orange Colour

Orange colour was a big no for me for a very long time. I hated that colour when I was a kid and when my parents painted my room orange years ago (which I still have up till now) I was not very pleased let’s say. I would never ever wear something that was orange, and now here I am! I bought an orange hoodie that I am even preparing a blog post with in the future. When I was ordering the sweatshirt I was not sure till the very end to be honest. I still felt this resentment but did not let it win.

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#2 Fanny Pack/Belt Bag

I was trying so hard to avoid this trend, you don’t even know! It is one of those trends that appears in the fashion industry once in a while and then everybody who is at least a little bit interested in fashion wears it. It is everywhere. You go down the street and see that boy or girl and “yup, he/she knows.”

The thing is that here in the Czech Republic it was very fashionable in the 80s/90s. If you had had a fanny pack you were cool. However, the generation of fanny packs does not feel that way anymore and can’t understand WHY in the world do young people wear it now if it’s so old. Well the trends are always coming back just improved a bit, styled in a different way. So after resisting it for as long as I could, here I am again owning two of them, and wearing it nonstop beacuse I’m not gonna lie. Whoever says whatever it’s comfortable af.

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#3 Colours in General

This was not always true. When I was around the age of 12 colours where a big boom. The more colourful the better. I wore colours so bright that your eyes would hurt. Especially yellow. Yellow then just like the orange one joined the group of ‘never again’. Then when I started studying at high school during the second year a lot has changed. I was more into minimalism and wore only black, white and nude shades. I think that that was the time when my style transformation started. It was  something like a plain painting or an empty plate for me. A starting line. So that I can create a good base and then add pieces that are more fun and I enjoy. It took me long time to find my way back to colours but they do have a place in my closet again now. Just in more decent way.

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#4 Big Hoops And Earrings 

Last but not least let’s talk about the accessory. When I was a fresh teenager I was longing for big hoops all the time, begging my mum to let me wear the biggest earrings I possibly could. She was not very thrilled because it was too heavy and not good for my ears but can you do something about it if the teenager wants it? Not really. My stubborn ass did as I wanted to so here I was wearing earring bigger than my head. But as always my mummy was right and it (as horrible and weird as it sounds) the earrings stretched my ear lobes and bye bye hoops, never see you again!  Not really. I mean yes, you would never see me with big earring for a looong time but few years ago after being afraid of hurting my ears even more I gave the big earrings one more chance as trends said “the bigger the better again!” I am very careful though and now when being a little bit more reasonable (I hope) I know what I can wear and what is not good for me.

That is what I have learnt from my mistakes and is key. It takes time but eventually you get to find and know what works for you. You just have to be patient as it doesn’t happen over night. I hated that. However, it is the saint truth.

Have a lovely week, my dear friends.

And never say never.

with love,

x Kristýna

phototos by: @duende.galeria

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