The New Era of SM

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Dear world of fashion & blogging,

I am back. Stronger than ever, with mind full of ideas, and a different perspective.

I’ve waited for almost 7 months to write this sentence. 

As you may already know in October 2k17 I took a break from Stylemotivations. It was around the time I half-moved to Prague to study there at the university. Shortly after I settled a little bit I wrote a post labeled ‘New Start.’ It really was a new beginning. Looking back and reading my thoughts with the benefit of time I am shocked. How one’s life can change in a course of several months? How much a person can differ?

Once I moved I firmly believed that it was the right moment to let SM grow. It was part of the reason why I have decided to do all that. I wanted to improve and develop as much as I possibly could. However, things sometimes don’t go as planned. I may have lived in a bigger city and have seen all the opportunities waiting, nevertheless, my mind was protesting. It wouldn’t let me create, it woudn’t let me get inspired. I know it sounds very funny and only as making up excuses. But everyone who once was in the same situation and place with their thoughts knows that if a mind of a man is not healthy then they can do hardly anything but let it heal and recover throughout time.

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Let me explain why it all took me so long… I have an issue with considering myself as never good enough. Does it even make any sense? Whatever I do simply doesn’t feel as good as it is supposed to be. So when I tried to start with the blog again I was never satisfied. The text, the pictures, the message I wanted to spread… It all seemed way too unclear. Not bright enough.

I told myself I will come back once I am ready. Once I really know for sure it is the right time,  no matter how long it would take. Because it is sometimes better to give yourself some time to decide, than force things to work when they clearly don’t.

On the other hand, I missed it very much. I missed the process of writing and creating the pictures. And then I met Val and that is the turning point. That it the moment where the sad frustrating part of the story ends. Here it is when the magic happened and I found my inspiration.

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Here it is when the magic happened and I found my inspiration.

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I suddenly had ideas, vision and most importantly a desire. The approximately 2 months before I set the comeback date were dedicated to creating. And oh boy, it was the best 2 months. I started to realize more than ever how important it is for me to do all this. How healthy it is for my mind. Creativity is a mind healer, remember?

All the pictures you see in this post and will se in the upcoming ones are by my dearest Val. She helped me to find the different perspective which I was seeking so much and together as a team we made our vision a reality.  I will be forever grateful for her entering my life. She truly is a blessing not only for the artisctic side of her personality,  but most importantly for her beautiful mind and even more precious heart.

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We’ve been working really really hard to make everything happen on time so that I would be able to have my comeback during the summer with new content filled with new ideas. And now it’s here! The day we were waiting & working hard for for so long has finally arrived. And I couldn’t me more proud of the journey we’ve gone and the one that is ahead.

Get ready because what is about to happen in the following months is insane. I am so so so happy!!! From now on every Wednesday will be a Stylemotivations Wednesday. So expect a brand new post every week!

Thank you for your incredible patience. I promise it was worth it.

Welcome, welcome to the new era of Stylemotivations!

With an enormous love,


All the photos by: @duende____

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4 thoughts on “The New Era of SM

  1. Really loved the post girl! Criativity is definitely a mind healer, I find myself in that weird phase of creating content a lot of times too. It’s like I really want to do it but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. I kinda need to feel it and do it with all my hearth. But then when you start it you just realise how good it is for yourself . And of course share your perspective with other is always good! Keep going and welcome back ❤️


    Itsy bitsy vogue


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback & your beautiful words. It means the world to me! 🙏🏻 It is really weird how these phases come and go, but when they strike it really is strong and even tho you want to really bad you simply can’t. Being creative is hard. But it’s very much worth it. Have the most beautiful day girl ❤️

      x Kristýna


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