Goal for 2018

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My dearest fashion lovers,

it’s been a while since the last time I sat down & wrote for SM. It honestly feels so satisfying to be back. Stylemotivations, I missed you so much. I took a break because of all the duties going on in my life right now, and didn’t plan on coming back until I sort everything out, however, the fact that there is only one more day left of 2017, I can’t other way than sit down, write an anual post of my thoughts to sum up the year that passes, and simply take a moment and reflect on the most important and life-changing year of mine so far. Literally, and completely. I have to say goodbye to 2017 with a little note. A ‘thank you’ note. Thank you, 2017, for giving me so many lessons.

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If this year has taught me one thing, it’s that if you want something with your entire heart and are determined to make it happen, you will. No matter what anyone may say. However, an important amendment is that the only one who can do it, is you. If you wish for something and expect others to make it happen for you, you will always lose. Yes, that’s what I have learned. Because if I think about it, no matter how self -centred it may soound, at the end of the day I wouldn’t be where I am if I haven’t worked my butt off and removed the obstacles myself. So here you have it. That’s my biggest lesson learned from the 2017. Now it’s time to go a few steps back…

I remember December 31st 2016. Man, I was so confused on that day! I had no idea where I was going. I had no direction, nothing. I knew I was going to have my graduation exams because I had to. I somewhere deep inside also knew I have to chose a university till the end of February ccomes, but still had no idea which one. I knew what is slowly but surely coming, but to be honest I was scared af. If I could have stopped time, I would have done it right a way. Immediately!

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In the middle of December 2017 I wrote my goals for 2017. I was specific, but only in a way I would understand, beacuse my secret plan sounded so crazy. My priority of the year was school, obviously. God knew where I was going with all that, but there was one thing I kept in my mind the whole time. No matter what happens, at the end of 2017 I have to be sure that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. That I know I have done my best. And you know what? Today, on 30th December 2017, one year later, I can state with the lightest and most grateful heart that everything is just the way it is supposed to be and that I have done my best, and that this year has been one of my biggest achievements so far.

I graduated highschool the best way I could only imagine, I got on a school I wanted to, moved to a bigger city, Prague, away from my family to study there at university of my wildest dreams, and live there on my own with my partner in crime. This experience is obviously the biggest life teacher.


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I got my first tattoo ever, which I managed to do at the end of summer, even before I moved to Prague. I wanted to do it for ages, and this was a perfect timing. It is a little reminder for me whenever I would seem to forget.

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I am grateful for the moments I could only breathe and exist…

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I am forever grateful for the people I am surronded with. Not only these beauties in the picture, but the other ones know who they are ❤. Also the new people I met in Prague, and friends I made and who are so lovely! Because of them I know as well that the decision to move was the best one I could have made.

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But as every coin has two sides, and there are always ups and as well as downs, this year was no exception. The happiness was also exchanged with tears. And that is because 2017 will always be the year when I lost my angel baby boy who was taken back to heaven. He was the inseparable part of my life for 12 years. We grew up together side by side. He was the kindest dog I have ever met, nice even though he was in pain at the end. He wasn’t well in the past few months and we both knew but everytime I visited he acted like nothing was wrong. He was the strongest little boy. My hero. The last time I saw him I came to say goodbye before I left for uni. I had a bad feeling when his beautiful eyes where looking at me as I was about to go. But he made me feel like: “It’s okay, mommy. I love you, we will see each other soon.” After I left he got worse and a few weeks later passed away. I felt like my heart broke into a million pieces and doubt it can ever be fixed. I was done. This picture sums up our bond pefectly. See the way he looks into my eyes? There was so much love. Sometimes I would have sweared there was a human captured inside of his body.

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2017 was an amazing year. It was a year of change. My goal was school mainly, to make a good base so that I can start building my own future. Now I feel that it still is my priority but the goal no.1 for 2018 is definitely to work on myself. To be me.

Oh hell yes!! I have already made a progress I am proud of, but there is so much to pursue. Have you ever notices how hard it is to be you? Not the version of you that everybody else made you to be. YOU. How simply it sounds, and how difficult it is to actually make it happen. So that is my goal. To be me. To surround myself only with people who make you better a version of yourself and actually care about you. Not the ones who pretend. Do only what I want to do, not what I should or am supposed to do. That’s it. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Let’s leave this chapter and welcome the following one with our arms opened. Let’s make this new one the best one so far.

I wish you the happiest New Year 2018, may you make all your goals and dreams come true!

With love,


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