Trendy Fall Season Outfit Ideas 2/4

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Allll right, my friends. It’s Thursday and I couldn’t wait till I can finally share with you another little tip of mine for you to be trendy, fashionable BUT comfortable at the same time during this years Fall season. How many times have I already said that my key thing for dressing up is to  a l w a y s  feel comfy? I guess more than enough, however, it is true. Everything you see me wearing is from 98% comfortable af. Otherwise, if I don’t feel good in it, never wear it. I suppose that could be a tiny little bonus advise from me to you. Nothing new really, but it is SO true like nothing else.

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It can immediately be seen in the pictures even, if you feel good in certain look or not. I say it all the time that clothes is a huge part of a human’s character and personality. It simply is, whether you like it or not. It does its own thing even if it’s not your intention.

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This Tuesday I have shared with you my first (out of 4) outfit idea for making your wardrobe a bit more interesting during the time of a year when everything can get pretty gloomy & boring from time to time. It is all about layering a T-shirt with a shirt. This time let’s talk over a really nice oversized sweatshirt/hoodie. What can be more than this puffy soft invention that keeps you warm? And who said that it only has to be a sporty essential? No, not really, this miracle piece can serve for so much more. I feel like now is the time when we are allowed in fashion industry to finally combine heels with sweatpants & sneakers with fancy dress like never before. What more could we possibly wish for? Let’s use this gift as much as possible!

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Hoodie is a goodie, that’s what they say. And they are being right. In the pictures you can see a very simple combination with ripped jeans without much of an accessory, but, once again, it is all up to you. You can wear a bright colour (that is also one of the trends, which I feel like it slowly but surely starts to replace the old good nude shades on the runways), use a belt, necklace or big original earrings. Shirt or put it over a dress. Sneakers or knee-heel boots? Whatever you like, my fashion lovers!

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Just play, just enjoy. At the of the day, it is all about expressing yourself, you know?

That’s it for today, but don’t worry. This saga is not over just yet. Two more to come, so stay tuned!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by.

Love you,

x Kristýna

// Sweatshirt – H&M  //  Ripped denim – F&F  // 

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