Trendy Fall Season Outfit Ideas 1/4

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My dearest fashion lovers,

Finally I am back with another dose of fashion for you.

This past month was beyond crazy with all the university duties, however, in a good way, of course. I can’t believe I am moving in almost a week! But that is not the main topic for today, I was already talking too much earlier. Now it is time for some clothing and few tips how to dress stylish during fall season. Autumn has always been my frozen point when it comes to being fashionable. I know I know, the weather is so cozy and the atmosphere! Simply made for many kinds of puffy sweaters and oversized hoodies. But somehow I was never able to get out without wearing the same outfit like 5 times a week. My fashion fellows understand what I mean.

What I am trying to say is, with decreasing of the temperature, the decline of my wardrobe appeared as well. It got boring. That’s it. So what is the motto for this year?


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Be more creative.

I know it sounds boring already, but think about that. When was the last time you tried something new? Something diffrent? Not so usual?

That’s what I thought. Don’t worry, I am holding my hand up as well. It is not even a few months ago when I finally let myself to breathe a little bit more. It is still not what I want my style to be, but hey, it is an evolution, it is a process, right? And I can already see differences in my thinking when it come to putting a new look together. Find the style you like and make it your own by making it more personal. Don’t be afraid to combine colours, work with patterns or accessory.

After all, fashion is one crazy world where nothing is wrong if you know how to own it!

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Basically, it is about keeping things more interesting. And here is my first tip I pesonally take to this season.

An oversized shirt with long sleeves worn over a T-shirt.

As simple as it is. Nothing really magical but it does look amazing! It is comfortable and chic at the same time, which is  my most favourite combo ever. I gave you the idea for these two pieces but how you are gonna own it is only up to you. You can choose whatever colour of a shirt you like and whatever Tee you find as it is screaming “hey, this is me!”

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Here I am showing you how I tried to make this duo more like me. What can I say? How can you go wrong with a high-waisted ripped denim? No way. And another personal touch of mine would be slipping the front part of the shirt into the jeans. It immediately gains the casual natural easy relaxed vibe. My another favourite.

I really hope you enjoyed & hope to see you next time with brand new tip how to make you glow during the fall fashion season!

Love you,

x Kristýna


//  Denim- H&M  //  T-shirt- H&M  // Platform sneakers- Deichmann  //

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