4 Hacks How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Hello, my loves!

I was so much decided that I won’t start this week’s new blog post with this sentence but I simply can’t help it. Again. As well as I couldn’t help myself last year. Where the hell did the summer & holidays go?! I am really sorry, I tried, my emotions are simply stronger than me, hahah!

I didn’t even realize it until I caught myself in the sale section in a store craving some cozy jumpers and sweaters. I love Autumn very very much, since I firmly that this season has the ability to give you such an atmosphere like no other does. But I suppose we still have a bit more time till we start talking over Halloween & other Fall pleasures. + I will be moved to Prague with my friend by then already, so that is the aspect I am most excited about!!! Stay tuned for something very excited 🙂

Anyway, what was my point before I started this ‘Autumn-geek’ conversation? Oh hell yes! I’ve got some tips for my  fellows out there who’s height is just not – well lets say not Gigi Hadid, including me, how to look taller & make our legs look longer! First of all I would like to make clear that I am definitely not against short vs tall, and believe from the bottom of my heart that the way we were born is the way we are supposed to be & it makes every single one of us beautiful in their own way. However. I know from my experience that sometimes giving the impression of being just a little bit taller makes us feel better. I am absolutely aware of the fact that not everyone understands, but I believe that somebody does, right ladies? So let’s get started 🙂

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Hack #1: High heels

What? What kind of hack is that? That’s what crossed your mind? I know it’s nothing new to be set. But let me tell you, did anytime the heels let you down? Well, apart from blisters and hell of a pain, you know for beauty we must suffer. Even our grandmothers and their grandmothers knew that pumps make your foot look nicer. Does it hurt? Yes. Do we still wear them? Yes. And why? Because when you find the pair that flatters your body shape it can make magic.

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Hack #2: High-Waisted

High-waisted clothes have been a trend for some time now. Whether it’s jeans, trousers, shorts or skirt. I have heard many opinions about it and it really surprised me what a number of negative ones appeared, from men mainly, since I have believed that it is the best invention ever! I assume I am not the only girl who belongs to ‘team High-waisted’, right? It has so many advantages. Apart from the first one that it usually very nicely flatters your body, it also has this ability to make you legs look longer. And if you combine tha hack no. 1 with the hack no. 2 it’s feels like you won a lottery!

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Hack #3: Vertical stripes

I have heard a lot about this pattern but never actually worn it before. Until now. You know those words “It makes you slimmer.” blablabla. But I have to say that it really makes you look a little bit slimmer and in a result of that it makes you look taller as well. Vertical stripes can do its thing too, that is for sure. And in a combination of black & white the effect is even better, I would say.

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Hack #4: ‘From below’ shot

I tried to come up with a clever name for this tip, so that you could really understand what I mean. Well, I don’t know if I made it but let me explain. It has been some time since I started Stylemotivations and hopefully I can say that there has been a progress in shooting outfits. There are many new things I have learnt so far, and also many more to come, however, recently I have discovered that angle that also flatters your body shape and thanks to its setting it makes you look taller & your legs longer. It is actually taking the picture from below. What do I mean by that? You are looking down and the person photographing you kneels down. That’s how you get that perfect shot. The pose itself is very important as well, but about that I can talk for an hour, so if you would like I can share with you some tips on how to pose for your outfit pictures as well 🙂

So here you have it, my 4 quick tips on how to get that “taller look”. At the end of the day, it’s not about changing who you are but highlighting who you are and what you have got! I know, that these advices are the basic ones and for someone it may be nothing new. On the other hand, you never know who might find this helpful and learn something new, as I do every single day with Stylemotivations 🙂

I hope you are having an amazing day/night, wherever you are!

Thank you for visiting & see you next time,

with love

x Kristýna

//  Trousers –  H&M  //  T-shirt – Giorgio Armani  //  Pumps – Deichmann  // 

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

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