5 Tips How To Get To The Personal Style You Seek

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, my dear beautiful world.

I assume you have already guessed what the main topic of my today’s talking will be, thanks to my very nutritious title. And you are right. But first I want to apologise for my little gap in consistecy during the past two weeks. As you might already noticed I have been trying to make sure I upload two posts per week, always on Tuesday & Thursday. It has been my goal to provide you with a content regulary, and I was really working hard to make it happen. As my apology I wanted to say that I have simply been spending some extra time with my family and especially grandparents, as I will soon be moving away from home to Prague. So I am trying to make the most of every minute we spend together. So thank you for your understanding. Anyway, I am back now and make sure you stay tuned for brand new posts every Tuesday & Thursday!

But now let’s jump right into what I have prepared for you today!

Today it will be all about the development of your personal style & how to get to the stage when you are happy about it and simply know it is what you really wanted. I touched this topic a little bit in one of my previous posts and I promised you to share with you my opinion then. I have decided to summ it up in 5 of my tips how to get where you want when it comes to fashion:

  1. More you try, more you know

I know that I usually say ‘less is more’!!! and it really is. However, in this case we have to make an exception. Right now I advise you to try whatever you feel like it might but also might not suit you. I mean if I look back to the past I can’t say I did something extremely stupid or crazy like dyeing my hare different colours or whatever. I have to admit that somewhere I was very sure what I like & dislike. So no dreadlocks happening, you know. Not that it doesn’t fit to anybody else, but it simply wasn’t and never will be my thing. My point is that you have to find out what is the type of clothing you like. Vintage, more colourful, simple minimalistic or futuristic, etc.? Whatever you feel like it’s screaming YOU.

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2. Get inspired

Inspiration. That is the one thing that never goes out of style and never gets old. How do you grow? By being inspired. How do you improve? By getting inspired. How do you learn new things about any aspect of a life or the world itself? By getting the ispiration from other people and their experience and lives. But don’t misunderstand me at this point. NOT copy their lives, I am talking about just getting inspired and building your own one in your own style. Do you understand what I am trying to tell? I have learnt so much thanks to many different people not only on social media but from everyday life. I advise you to read magazines, books, follow people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Walk on this planet Earth with your eyes wide opened. Follow on social media different people or influencers and eventually you will start to seek those ones who speak to your heart the most.

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3. What is you?

And now we gets to probably one of the most important point of them all. And I want you to ask yourself this question right now, as you read this. What is making you YOU? Who are you? What are those little things that are symbolic for you? We live in a world full of opportunities. We are free more than anytime in the past, as for doing whatever we want. Through social medias we happen to be connected with the entire world and almost any country you can name. That is something beyond crazy. BUT we also live in the world where we are nonstop comparing ourselves to another person. We are never satisfied. We want to be always somebody else. But I encourage you to be you. Embrace who you are and celebrate what is different about you. And don’t let anyone take your spirit! I mean however I look and whatever I wear or do, it is always me. I can look every single time different but there is always something that says ‘this is me, Kristýna, and nobody else’. Not everyone will like what you like but there is nothing wrong about it. They can give you an advice but then you have to decide yourself. When somebody starts to persuade me I shouldn’t buy something because it’s ugly it gets me so mad. I mean, I am the one who is going to wear it not you, and I love it. So what the hell is the problem here?! Be you because remember that there is no other person like you on this planet. And that is your power.

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4. Time is key

Time is everything. Time is something we can’t stop or rule. It passes by whether we like it or not. On the other hand, time helps us to heal. Or to figure things out. It’s sometimes the only thing we actually have or don’t have. But time is very very key. I remember talking about my desperate dissatisfaction with my style and clothing to my closest friend. I was seeking for a change and obviously, as it’s in my nature, I wanted it to be immediately. I remember her saying to me: “It is a process. You have to make it happen step by step.” And that was just blowing my mind. I couldn’t wait another minute and I hated when somebody gave me such an advise. And now you probably hate me as well. But even with my great disapproval it really is true. I was constantly trying to do something about my clothes but since that moment I seriously started to do something about it, it took me over 2 years to finally figure things out.

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5. Be patient & persist

And last but 100% not least, patience & persistence. For some people who are not able to relate to this, it might seem like a very bizarre problem. But I do know myself how frustrating and hard this stage of your life, especially for teenagers, might be. Whether you agree with me or not, fashion is contributing to a personal development in many ways. And even more if for that person clothes mean more than just clothes and it is for them a way how to express themselves. Because you are trying to get somewhere so bad but happen to be stuck longer than you wanted, despite all you have done and tried. Trust me, I felt that way too. But I am a living proof that eventually everything falls into its place you are finally happy about what you are creating. Now I have found myself at point in my life when I am finally feeling myself more than ever. I always thought that it would happen at highschool but apprently I needed to get out and start this new chapter. That sometimes helps the most.

I really hope from the bottom of my heart that this post was helpful for at least one of you & feel free to let me know what is your opinion. I will be very thankful for your response 🙂

Now I go to sleep, but maybe somewhere else somebody is waking up so good morning, my friends.




with love,

x Kristýna

 //  Trousers – H&M  //  Earrings – H&M  // Sweater – my grandma’s (yup, you read correctly)  //

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