4 Pieces You Won’t Go Wrong With

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Classic that never fails. Period. Literally, completely. 

I meeean, how can you possibly go wrong with combination like this? I don’t think you can. It is about those pieces you can wear with everything, in 1000 of different combinations + adding your own personal style aaand… it’s perfect!

In these pictures I am sharing with you 4 DIFFERENT PIECES which you would NEVER GO WRONG WITH. 

The first piece I personally would wear all the time in many variations and never get enough of it is a SHIRT, blause, whatever you want to call it. Seriously, it goes with everything and doesn’t necessarily be boring. You can style it in many ways and, in my opinion, it always gives you that casual kind of vibe. Like, “Hmmm no, I haven’t been styling this look aaall goddamn day.” 

I really take to this shirt with short sleeves recently and especially love the colours. The white base gives you the opportunity to wear it with everything, but the not so thick red & blue stripes are a nice touch. And if you knew for how much I bought it, you wouldn’t believe me. So ridiculous! Such a bargain.

It is perfect for summer, when I like to tie the front, but I firmly believe you can wear it during autumn as well. Or winter. I would say shirts are in general uni-season items. Love it!

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The second piece of clothing would definitely have to be a GOOD PAIR OF JEANS with a nice fit. Blue denim is a key to everything. Few years ago I wouldn’t agree as I barely wore jeans. I simply didn’t feel need to. But those teenage years are gone and now I finally understand its power.

The problem, back at the time, was that I didn’t really understand my style yet. I couldn’t reacognise the clothes that really flattered my body and shape. If that makes any sense & I will 100% write a post about my style evolution with some advices, because I know myself how hard it might be and frustrating as well when you try so hard but it turns out to be a disaster almost every single time. Believe it or not, fashion really is a personal development.

It was a loong journey with my denim love/hate relationship, I must say,  but as far as I found this denim jeans I was so happy because not only that it was such a bargain, but also it happened to be everything I was looking for. Especially the quality. Unfortunately, another problem was that whatever blue denim jeans I bought, after first wearing it lost its shape and didn’t fit me anymore. Mostly those high-waisted. But now I finally won!

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The third item would belong to the accessory group. It’s a SIMPLE BLACK HANDBAG. This one was actually my mum’s idea and as every single time, I shouldn’t be surprised she was right again. Because to be honest I wasn’t so sure at the beginning. But now I know it was a good choice. Once again, it goes with everything. Elegant, sporty, casual… whatever you want it to be, it certainly will. I love that it has one longer strap and then two short ones just so you can carry it in hand. Never gets boring if you simply change the way of wearing it. Depends only on you 🙂

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And the last but not least, is the accessory as well and beongs to the shoe category.  PLAIN BLACK PUMPS is the answer, my dear friends. These ones caught my attention long before I actually got them. When I put them on, I immediately fell in love with the way it looked on my feet. It simply flatters your legs so much! The problem, however, was that I was not used to high stilettos. I was wearing high-heels, but not that high. Somehow I felt like I am still not old enough to have the ‘permission’ from high-heels world to embrace it. Only mamma can do that, right? hahha.

Another reason why I wasn’t decided was beacuse of the gloss. Isn’t it too cheap? my mind was saying. And the last catch was that it happened to be sharp pointed. I was never a fan of that. In my earlier don’t-stand-out-that-much era. But now I really feel like it only gives you more of that elegant vibe. You have to be careful with choosing these type of shoes, but if you stay true to the rule “less is more” nothing can go wrong. I would definitely not go for crazy colours and ornaments!

See, at the beginning there was wrong every single aspect of these pumps. But with time I started to realise that if you embrace it right, a miracle might happen. Don’t have prejudices, people. Give it a chance. Because at the end of the day I wore these shoes for my graduation exam and it worked pretty well 🙂

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So that is the dose of fashion I got for you today, my dear fashion lovers. I hope it might have helped as a source of inspiration for at least some of you.

I don’t know if something is in the air, or it’s just the beautiful sunlight, but recently I was so inspired & got loads of ideas. However, if there is anything you’d like me to write about, feel free to let me know and if it’s in my power, I’ll make it happen! 🙂

Have the most beautiful day!

Next time,

x Kristýna

//  Denim – H&M  //  Bag – SinSay  //  Pumps – Deichmann  //

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