The Importance of a Dream

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There are two things I have learnt throughout the past year…

To get inspired everywhere you go & to dream.

Not everyone understands that. If you don’t like this type of cliché talks, please don’t read it. My intension is not to make you. I write what I feel like writing, and I am 100% aware of the fact that not everyone agrees. Who wants or needs to find this, will.

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As once being said,

the imagination and the ability to see things before it actually happens is a great power of ours that makes us different from any other beings in this beutiful world.

Do you understand what type of gift we have been given? We can think of anything we want to, no matter how crazy it might sound. Know, that there is NOT a too crazy dream existing. People who claim that are those ones who are scared to dream big themselves. Or dream at all. Or maybe they do have dreams, however, they are afraid to say them out loud. Even ‘only’ that thakes a great courage. Because once you say it somewhere else but your mind you have to be ready for a wave of negative response. Maybe not from everyone. But usually even though there are hundreds of reasons why YES and one single responsible reason why not, you consider the wrong one more. Negativity simply tends to be stronger and louder. But doesn’t necessarily be that way forever, remember that too.

But you know, If your dreams don’t scare you, there aren’t big enough.

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Our minds are stronger than you can possibly imagine. Our thoughts influence our actions. There are so many people telling us what we cannot do, why do we have to have that negative talk to ourselves as well? Believe that you can, no matter what it is. Selfbelief and persistence are also important and key.

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Many people don’t realise in what time we are lucky to live in. We are free more than ever in the history of this world. At least the bigger part of the world. And just look around! Please, wherever you are right now, please, look around and try to find just one pretty thing that inspires you. Not necessarily pretty from the outside, but beautiful from the inside. Tresure the little things. Time spent with your family, friends, sun going down or up, flowers blooming in your garden, sunny day, birds singing, people walking around, the architecture, or simply something that is important to you ❤ No one can ever take that from you.

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To have a dream is your secret weapon. Maybe if you are experiencing some hard time in your life, it helps you to see a bright side and happy ending. It helps you to keep saying to yourself, I really can make bigger things happen and this is not my final destination. Something good is about to happen to me. Because it is 🙂

P.S share positivity and give someone a smile. Kindness and those two things are for free and doesn’t cost a thing 🙂

Hope you are having a good one, wherever you are right now.

with love & piece of positivity for you.

x Kristýna

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10 thoughts on “The Importance of a Dream

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! I love your photos and yes, you are right that we shouldn’t scared with our own dreams, because there’s where the challenge at. Thanks for spreading some positivity today ❤❤

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    1. Thank you for the beautiful words, it means a lot to me. You are right as well, that it’s challenging. It is supposed to be that way. Because it makes us to get of the comfort zone & make big progress in our lives. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having an amazing summer day! ❤ x Kristýna

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    1. Thanks! It’s very old top & I unfortunately don’t remember the brand, sorry. Just simple black & white one with stripes 🙂 + FUN FACT: it’s not even an off-the-shoulder top, it a T-shirt which happened to be too big! My tip is to be creative & make the most of what you have, isn’t that right? Hahha , have a lovely day! ❤ x Kristýna

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