R for Romance

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I am going through the May 2017 issue of Marie Claire at the moment. I can’t help it but these magazines focused on fashion represent so much more than just nice pictures with models wearing very expensive dress. There is so much more. It promotes a story. Certain vibes. Can you feel that?

It promotes a story. Certain vibes. Can you feel that?

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Every single issue has its own theme and idea. It is a source of endless inspiration. I like keeping those fashion bibles on my desk and from time to time I just read them over and over again. Or just look at those pictures.

Why are you geting inspired by the old ones, you may ask, there is no point doing that. But you should realise that those ‘old ones’ give us a great overview at the development of the industry.

I should probably also clarify that everyone has their own opinion and see things differently. And I 100% understand if you think this is a total bullshit, ‘cuase who would spend money on such things?! Let’s just say that we are all different and have our own guilty pleasures. But if you are one of us fashion admirers and understands, just know we are in this together, haha!

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Today I had one of those days I described a few lines above and found beautiful pictures of models in Paris styled in Dior. I know I know, Dior is well known for the magical vibe when you feel like in a fairytail. That is also why I adore Mr Dior’s work so much. But somehow it surprises me everytime.

Mr Dior, you knew.

I spammed the insta stories right away with the pictures so feel free to visit if I haven’t convinced you yet how obsessed I am.

And I also reminded myself how important it is to sometimes be a little bit of a romantic person and enjoy what it feels like.

P.S. What do you think about the golden choker in combination with the white off-the-shoulder top?

Have a great day/evening/night wherever you are in the world!

x Kristýna

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