Summary of My Senior Year/Never Ever Playing Safe

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Another Tuesday means another Stylemotivations post and I am very excited about the topic I am going to talk about this time. Let’s do this!

As you might already know,  a month ago I have finished high school, here in my homeland – Czech Republic, Ostrava. It has been the most important year in my life so far, without any doubt. Many changes happened and will happen, some of them I’ll talk about later, but to be completely honest, I cannot even recognise the person I have become. But in a good way, I hope.

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A year ago I believed that nothing can change you unless you let it.

A year ago I believed that nothing can change you unless you let it. But now I see it a bit differently. Because the fact is – you can’t help it. The world requires you to grow up. The consequences and responsibilities make you grow up. And suddenly you realise you don’t have time anymore for things you used to do. Like playing games or reading books just for fun. Going to library every month with your friend and borrow those colourful love stories. And it’s not so long ago, you say. And then you realise it has actually been six or seven years. What?!

The speed of the world and life is terrifying.

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I can’t stop it or change it. Or at least slow it down. And that is why we have the only option left. Make the most of it.

If there is one thing I have learnt from this year, it is this rule I will keep inside my heart forever.



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Please, remember it.

It has been so hard I can’t even describe it. This entire ‘senior year’ thing. I know I might have overdone certain stuff. But what can I say? It was just way too important to me. To succeed, not to disappoint myself. So I put hard work in it.

Sometimes I wanted to give up. Sometimes I almost ripped my hair away in anger. Some tears, big nerves. But it was worth it. All of it. If nothing more, I am at least proud of myself.

Now I am closing one chapter of my life. Another very important one. And I am moving on. Thank you for all those lessons, the good ones as well as the tough ones. It helped me to grow. Scary, but necessary.

I cannot wait for what is more to come.

Good bye. And welcome.

I am ready. Are you?

Next time,


P.S. Keep an eye on another updates 🙂

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