That Shirt With No Name

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Hello Fashion Lovers!

I am finally back with a proper outfit post as the previous one was unexpectedly one of those where I shared my thoughts more than focused on fashion. BUT another day = another chance, right? That’s what they say. So here I am.

Me & My Shirt With No Name. 

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This time I would like to point out this oversized, amazing and absolutely comfy shirt I’m wearing in these pictures. And honestly not only in these pictures but almost every single day, haha! And why do I call it my ‘shirt with no name’? Because there is no label, no brand, nothing. Thise large male-looking shirt I bought at a flea market. And I love it! It looks great, doesn’t it?

Sometimes we are just too trapped in all these labels and brand new things and forget about those other no “less worthy pieces”. Some people might judge flea markets. But I personally assume that a good one can be the place where magic (and style) happens.


What I advise you to try is the following…

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What I usually do is that I mix new labeled clothes with those unique pieces I find at flea market. Create a balance. It has nothing to do with money, main reason, as I see it, is building your own personal style.

I do love buying and finding new clothes in store (who doesn’t?) but sometimes it seems prescribed or also might happen that a half of your city wear the same outfit. On the other hand, when you go at the flea market and you find that band T-shirt you like, or that puffy soft sweater with original design and wear it with your jeans you bought at ZARA recently and nice sneakers? You can be 100% sure you are original. Because ther is no other band t- shirt or puffy sweater like that one you own now.

That is called: creating your personal style. 

And ‘style’ is something very different from “just” a fashion. Give it a try, my friends 🙂

See you soon, my dear Fashion Lovers,

x Kristýna


Shirt – flea market //  Denim shorts – by moi //  Bag – Sin Say  // Shoes – Deichmann  // Earrings – H&M

Processed with VSCO


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