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I am sitting in my favourite garden.

I watch sun going down, birds are singing. Surrounded by beautiful nature, flowers and bees buzzing I look up and see first stars coming up. I feel happy and grateful to be at such a place. To see this world from its pretty side. Because not everybody is that lucky.

It makes me think and ask myself one simple question over and over again.


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“Why?” is a question we ask since forever. Unfortunately as we grow up it often turns more into a negative than a positive one.  I don’t know if you already guessed what is that thing which bothers me so much?

I promised myself to only spread good vibes. That when you read my posts you at least for a second forget what makes your heart heavy. I have my own opinions but didn’t want to share as I want Stylemotivations to be zone free of worries. But I can’t anymore. Are you also concerned about what is going on right now in this world? Or am I the only one who has this bad feeling that today’s phenomen is slowly but surely starting to be a violence and hate?

It has always been there, but not like this. Now it got a completely different meaning. This is simply too much.

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We live in a life full of possibilities. We have so many opportunities like nobody in the past. Why are we abusing it in a wrong way? I believe you assume I am writing about all the terrorist attacks and it really is one of the aspects. But I want to be more general.

The reason why I am writing this very spontaneous post which originally, like literally an hour ago, was suposed to be about fashion and now I talk this serious, is because an hour ago I have found out that one fashion blogger I follow and adore, and who is at around my age has been a victim of a violence. Probably a domestic violence. A girl like me. Normal, happy, driven, enjoying life, ready to conquer the world, and this happened to her. And this happens every single day to many people.

I can’t. I just don’t understand. I don’t understand. 

Why are we so freaking stupid and instead of enjoying this life and supporting its beauty and encouraging each other, why do we choose to hurt each other? We have this great ability to make a difference, to influence other people in many ways. So why don’t we spread love instead of hate?

We are all beautiful in our own way. We are individuals and that is what makes us beautiful. We have a great strength within us and that is something not everyone knows and understands.

Please, if there is anything you take from this post and this little speech of mine, take this: Love is what fights negativity. And I write ‘negativity’  on purpose. Because that includes all the aspects. Hate, violence, fights, wars…everything that destroys this wonderful place we call home and people living in it. Love is more powerful than we can even imagine.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

World just needs to know.

With love,

x Krisýna

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