Hello Loves, I am Back.

In April I wrote a post announcing I am taking little break. And also promised I will make a report with an explanation and recent ‘update’ as soon as it’s over. So here I am. Brand new excited, driven and ready to continue. Are you ready for lots more to come? 

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Reunited, and it feels so good.

Hello Loves, guess who’s back!!!

Oh god, I am so glad I’m back. You can’t imagine. The fact that I actually finally have a chance to do what I love makes me so freakin’ happy! I don’t even remember the last time I could do something for myself, just like that.

In April I wrote a post announcing I am taking little break because of all the circumstances going on in my life for the past several months, and I also promised that as soon as I am able to write again, once it’s all over, I will make a report with an explanation and recent ‘update’.

So here I am. Brand new excited, driven and ready to continue. Oh I missed this. But see my T- ee? I think it says it all, haha!

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I am not gonna lie. It was a mess. One enormous mess. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done so far. And it was becoming even worse and worse. I remember asking myself, can it only be worse? And yup, it was. I have taken so many exams in course of one month like I have never in my entire life before. Leaving exams at grammar school, cambridge certificate, 100 entrance exams for universities applied for… It wouldn’t be so bad if you have it spread in 3 or 4 months. But everything at once in 4 weeks? Crazy. Luckily, I passed everything and the results are even better than I expected.

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It is funny how fast everything changes. Few months ago I was a totally different person with a totally different responsibilities and point of view, put through so much and had to deal with so much that now I feel like I can’t recognise myself. In a good way, however. Well I guess I am really oficially adult. Strange.

Expecially when I read yesterday my post which I wrote before the summer 2k16 was about to end and this crazy year was right ahead of me, I was surprised. Was that how I felt? Did I really make it after all? Is it even possible I survived?

Mindblowing, as I am sitting here at the exact same spot as on that summer day when I was pouring my heart out with mixed emotions. And now when my feels are completely different. I won’t pretend I am not proud of myself, because I am. I have gone quite some distance towards my future self, and I can’t be happier with where I am at right now. Everything is behind me. I have closed another important chapter of my life, which is sad, but also good. There is another as important one waiting for me to be lived. Now I will enjoy the longest holidays  of my life, with FINALLY after 13 years with no worries or responsibilities. What makes me a little bit sentimental is the fact that I have been waiting for that “high school life” for so long and now it’s over, like with a snap of fingers. But that’s ok, that is just life. Because what would it all be about if we don’t move forward and improve ourselves?

Bye bye, high school, you were great. I will miss you. But now it’s time to go. You say goodbye in order to say hello to something new. Something that may be even better. Keep going. Never settle.

Obviously now once my no. 1 point on my ‘goal list’ for 2017 is ticked off I can move to another priority of mine. Stylemotivations is ready to be worked on. Are you ready for lots more to come? 

I am happy to see you again.

Have a beautiful day, loves.

x Kristýna

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