Power of Positivity / Quick Trick How to Live a Happier Life

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Easily  written, easily said, not so easy to apply.

I know.

BUT the fact that this motto is really working and our lives could be much happier “only” because of good state of mind should be enough motivation. Why? We aim for feeling good, we are capable of anything just to have this feeling, put so much money in it in many cases, and at the end of the day…it’s only up to YOU. Everything is inside of your head.

Everything is inside of your head.

Think about it. Most of the time when you say this simple truth to somebody, they will laugh at you. “Just be happy, yup, sure!” looking at you like you’re crazy. They think you talk about some kind of magic, which miraculously heals your mind. Well we can call it this way if you want to, but in reality that “magic” is you.

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Please, do me a favour. Sit down for a second, somewhere, where there is only you. No sounds, no disturbance. Sit down, close your eyes and clear your mind. Concentrate.

Think of something what makes you happy. Something what always puts a smile on your face. Smile for yourself. Persuade yourself that you ARE happy. Persuade yourself that today was not so bad, and that there was at least something to be happy about and grateful for. Tell to yourself: “I’m happier. I’m happier. I am happy.” Do you feel that? It might be only for a second, but I guarantee you, that you will feel happier.

And now I ask you to remember that second. Remember that tiny little moment which made your mind more postive, brought you more positive vibes, and made you more positive life.

Oh, and one more thing! Please.

Fight the negativity which surrounds us everyday.

And just smile 🙂

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset




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