Spring Beauty Faves

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Hello hello Fashion & Beauty lovers!

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different but I hope you will like it. Stylemotivations is for now mainly ‘fashion blog’ but it doesn’t mean I can’t share with you guys some of other things I find worth sharing. Inspiration is in my opinion very important because it helps us grow. And if I get lucky enough I might inspire at least one of you, by showing you something you might have not known about before. And in that case I would be the happiest! 🙂

As you can see, photos at this time are not the usual fashion concentrated ones, however it’s beauty focused. I know that the quality is not the best and the condition is not the best as well (exuse me please) but I believe you will get the idea. To be completely honest, I came up with this idea yesterday, while doing my Make up. My Make up routine is very simple and I dare to say it’s one of the simplest of all, but I figured out that it could be nice to just sit down and write down my current favourite beauty products I use on daily basis.

I have to mention though that there are not my foundation & concealer. That would be story on a looong term because I have a big fight with my dark undereye circles. But now briefly about other of my favourite products. So after I try – unsuccessfully- to cover those rings under my eyes with foundation and concealer I also put a little bit of a powder on (it’s not in the picture as well, but it’s also not so important because I use a very ordinary one and I don’t even apply so much) and that’s basically all about the “coverage”. But what I do pamper are my eyebrows. I use a brown shadow as well but for Christmas I got this ‘brow-volumizing fiber gel’ in brown from Benefit and I’m just in love. It is a completely different story. It gives you this natural look and as a big plus everything stays in place for the entire day. I also like the gold eye shadow from Maybelline. I use it mainly underneath my eye and it immediately looks like sparkles and light dropped in your eyes. Mascara from Sephora, also very good! And last but not least my Gabriella Salvete contouring palette. It’s a bronzer/highlighter/blusher all in one. Genius! I use pretty much the highlighter but for travelling it’s really brilliant. The blusher is also nice but I use another one at the moment. It is a blush from NARS Cosmetics and the colour is ‘orgasm’. Very popular shade and I must only agree that it looks really good.

So here it is, some of my current favourite beauty products. It’s not a complete list but it can give you the idea and if you would be interested I can share more next time 🙂 And what about you? Let me know if you use some of these products and what is your experience? I would be more than happy to read it all and get inspired 🙂

I hope you have an amazing day/night wherever you are!

See you next time,

x Kristýna

Contouring palette –  Gabrialla Salvete  // Eye shadow – Maybelline  // Mascara – Sephora  // Eyebrow gel – Benefit  // Blush – NARS Cosmetics

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