January 2017 Recap #SeniorYear

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Hello my Fashion Lovers!

I don’t even know where to start. Lets just say that I am really happy to be back behind my laptop again, doing something else than school for once- ughh, it feels really good. I had little “brainstorm moment” over here because my head was just full of thoughts and still nothing came out of it, and I decided that the best way how to get back on track is just put everything down thing by thing (old-fashioned way, I know! but the most effective one, pinkie promise). So why not to make a January 2k17 recap, as the first month of the new year is gone – crazy (!) – and February follows?

Grab your hot vanilla cappuccino or cup of a nice tea and lets jump right into it!

January 2017 was actually pretty crazy.  Well, not crazy like ‘HEEELP’-crazy but in a good way. Things happened, some of them expected, some of them not, but I can say with a peaceful heart that January was a good one. On the other hand, if I should talk about this thing called ‘school’, weeell not so happy moments connected with this term but what can I do. My leaving exams are closer than ever and now I am slowly but surely getting out of my little secret dream to somehow avoid this nightmare of mine. HAHAHA! Not gonna happen. But it’s the bright side I want to focus on today.

At the beginning of month me & my dear friend, we made another trip to Prague! Oh how excited I was. No teacher, no parents, just us and the big city. We had some duties there, that’s why we went in the first place but, as always, we made the most of it anyway. Starting with magical breakfast at Café PAUL. I wish you could feel the atmosphere. Magic, magic, magic.

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Continuing with strolling around the city, nice walk over the Charles Bridge (=tradition) and ending up the best way possible with yummy lunch aka dinner at Cafe Louvre.

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And beacuse ‘Double Trouble’ arrived to Prague it wouldn’t be us if we don’t try something new. So real turkish coffee followed as a next stop.

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Goodbye Prague, for now.

Another big day was 21st January when I officially turned 19. Honestly, I feel like I am celebrating 4 weeks 24/7. I am really glad I could share this special moment with my beloved ones. I wrote single post about this celebration. If you missed it and are interested here you can catch up on everything. Enjoy!


And the last weekend of January was also pretty great thanks to spontanous ‘Double Trouble’ movie night out to see the new film everybody around me talked about called La la Land. This day was another little proof that the spontanous unexpected things are usually the best ones 🙂 That’s how life works.

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Couldn’t end up any better. Just grateful af (haha!), believe me. And what about you guys? What was your January like? Hope beyond great.

Have the most beautiful Sunday.

with great love,

x Kristýna

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