Hello Big 19.

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Let me just tell you. This new year 2017 was pretty crazy so far. I feel like since the 1st January  I only celebrate (not complaing tho! haha). Including my 19th Birthday today! Yaay!

BUT (!) this little occasion of mine doesn’t work as an excuse for me to not being blogging for almost a month, what?! I only have one word. UNACCEPTABLE! I really am sorry, I had everything planned (pinkey promise) for the new year but, apparantly, this whole Senior Year & leaving exams hand-in-hand thing is getting a lot crazier. So please be patient with me. But I am not giving up on Instagram – @stylemotivations – so for any update, if you are interested, make sure to follow 🙂

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I celebrated one birthday here on Stylemotivations already and that was the long expected great Eighteen. It’s a turning point in teenager’s life here in Czech republic because by gaining 18 years you officially become an adult. What scares me the most is, that I have been waiting for that day with capital D for so long, always try to imagine what will I be/look like, and now as a snap of a finger it’s gone. I am turning 19.

I know I say that very often, every time when something old ends and new begins, but I am going to write it anyway because it simply is a truth.

I have learnt a lot.

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Everything you do makes you stronger somehow. If you realize it or not. A good thing can leave you a useful kraft you have learned and you are stronger because one day you might need it. But as well as the positive ones, less pretty-not always so good ones make you stronger even more. It gives you experience which you will never forget and which dressed you up in a more bulletproof uniform. And that’s your power. And that’s why you should try with me by your side to take as much as possible out of every situation which crosses your life.

In the past few weeks I thought about the question which crosses my mind very often lately: “What age would I choose if I am able to return to the past?” first I immediately said, “The younger little me, there were no dicisions, no problems!” but then I realized, no. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back to those ‘younger years’. I want to stay just like this- fresh 19 year old young woman.

I am actually quite proud of who I have become. Don’t misunderstand me! The only thing I mean is that thanks to all the lessons I got in the past I am the strongest I can possibly be at the moment. And I am pretty excited for the upcoming 19th (scary due to everything what’s going on, I’m not gonna lie) year, and also probably one of the most important ones in my life so far.

So let’s do this! I am ready.

with love

x Kristýna

Winter jacket – Nike  //  Jeans – Zara  //  Sweater – Sinsay  //  Bag – Mohito  //  Cap – Stradivarius

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