1 Year of Stylemotivations & What I’m Grateful For the Most

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1st January 2016. That was that day with capital D for me. I was excited, scared a bit, nervous, but most importantly HAPPY. Because I finally found enough courage to do something I always wanted to try but I was not sure at that time how would it go. Setting up this little baby of mine meant making one of my dreams come true. And yes, over the past year Stylemotivations really became my baby. So I can’t do other way but having a proper celebration here, because today it is exactly 1 year since I chose this adventure to be a huge part of my life. I already did a little chat about why I write my blog in English and not in my mother language- Czech and why I love it so much after first 7 months of blogging. But it’s barely nothing compared to the fact that it’s been ONE FULL YEAR since I sat at my table just waiting for midnight so I can set everything off.

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I have to smile to myself to be honest. I can’t describe in words how happy and proud I am. If you understand, I had no idea what I was doing, I had no idea how this entire thing works. Don’t judge me for being proud, because this day means to me more than you can imagine. It is my proof that I wanted something, I did something and I believed in something (my 3-code rule) and that I stuck to it even tho it was not always bright. Everything I know so far I have learnt by myself (and there is still so much to learn!!) and I believe in it so much that there is nothing but a future for me & Stylemotivations.

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I also had no idea what I want this blog to be about specificly. I also had no idea what the name will be till like 5 minutes before midnight (seriously, I don’t lie) and I was not even sure if i am able to manage everything till the deadline. I was pretty confused that’s obvious but there were 2 things I was 100% sure. No. 1 that I will set it up on the first day of a new year. And no. 2 that I want to do it all by myself. I didn’t tell anybody about my plan. Except of one single person. And now follows the very needed part which can’t be omitted.

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It looks like this is only my credit but that would be totally disrespectful because it’s not. I did the base and the sauce around it but Stylemotivations would never EVER move forward if there were not my friends who supported me so much that sometimes I wondered how did I deserve it. I am 100% aware of the fact that I could be pretty annoying with all the “Hey, lets take a quick snap over there!” but they never said a word. Their endless support was my flame of hope and made everything so much easier. But there is one person who actually knew what I am up to even before this all started and who I owe the most. You were here since the day 1, literally, and I will never be able to thank you as much as you deserve. You helped me through the beginnings and showed such a big support to every crap I made up (haha!) to keep me going. Thank you. You know how much I appreciate it.

I believe that there is never enough thanks so I am gonna go on for a little  while. I also want to thank to my other girl who helped me with this post by taking these amazing photos. I had a vision in my mind and you made it a reality. I remember the day I shared this ‘secret’ with you and since that time you encourage me as well. You are on the same note, know my passion for this and understands. Thank you, for helping me. More than you know.

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So yes, with this post I am entering the next ‘Book 2017’ full of clean white papers ready to be filled.

This year will be heavy, with A LOT of going on with my graduation thing etc. and to be honest I am scared af. But I also want this year to be one of those when I managed to get a shit done, and this time next year when I will have been doing  a recap post again I will know that I can peacefully move forward to another chapter of my life because in 2017 I did was should have been done.

So once again I would love to thank every single one of you. You, who are reading this post right now, you, who has ever read some of my posts even if it’s only one of them, you, who follows Stylemotivations or has ever written one of the sweet comments because reading them is like a balsam for my heart. And last but not least to everyone who has ever showed support to me.

I love you to the moon and even further.

Happy New Year 2017!!!

Make this one the best one so far.

x Kristýna

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