Looking Back + 10 Top Memories of 2016


Just a week ago we used hashtag #ChristmasCountdown and as a snap with fingers we use #2017Countdown. What?! 

It still seems to me so surreal. I mean how did it happen that we are holding our glasses filled with champagne in the air, shouting “Cheers!” for 2017 (!!!) already? No, not gonna repeat myself like a broken record, nope (time flies so freakin’ fast!!!). Sorry, couldn’t help it. But now lets get a little bit serious.

Last year this time I couldn’t wait for 2k16 to come. Honestly, I was truly excited. Somehow I felt it’s going to be a good one. I could’t really explain why, I just knew. I remember I had a big smile on my face while expecting the clock finally to beat a midnight. I made a little note to myself in my mind that it’s going to be a year of changes. And in many ways it was. Starting right on the 1st of January 2016. I set up Stylemotivations and that gave me a completely different look on world itself. I started to see what I have never seen before. I started to recognize what the world really offers and what many people were able to achieve and that was for me like a driving force which kept me going when it looked hopeless. If they did it, why the hell not me?! And that’s why I will never EVER give up on my dreams and goals, no matter how crazy it might seem. Becuse a) I know that someone out there already managed it so it can’t be so “unreachable” and b) if I believe in it, nothing else matters. I don’t want to get too sentimental over here right now. I will have much time for that when turn for celebrations of SM’s 1st Birthday arrives, so lets save it for later opportunity. The thing I’m trying to say is that I thought a lot will change in the new year. But the changes didn’t come in the way I expected. This year changed me. Not only that my phone is as a ticking bomb which is just about to explode thanks to abnormal amount of pictures in it since I started blogging (true story, haha!) but also me as a person.

Looking back there were many occasions which helped. There were good ones as well as the worse ones. It doesn’t matter if tears of happiness or pain. I am grateful for it all. Of course there were moments when I asked myself, why the hell me?! but at the end of the day everything happens for a reason. We all have some stuff to deal with but you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

But lets focus on all the beautiful memories and unforgetable moments which are 100% more valuable than any other ‘one of those days’. I have chosen 10 most favourite moments of mine which somehow stuck in my memory and I’m sure will never let go. Mostly these are ‘just’ small things but as I see it those are the biggest ones. I have to admit that time when a lot happened was during summer and then since the beginning of my senior year. Somehow this period of time was the richest one of trying new things and collecting memories even though I thought the right opposite.  I guess it is really truth that the best things happen unexpectedly.

So here they are, my 10 top memories of the year 2016.


2016-10-20 12.07.20 2.jpg

Prague itself has found the way straight to my heart this year. I have not only one memory worth sharing but this was another little wish of mine becoming reality. There is this place in Prague where you can see a great number of swans. As I see it, swans are the most elegant animal and every time I see a swan there is this magical vibe. At this moment I was happy.


2016-11-04 07.37.13 1.jpg

Bad quality but still big value for me. Standing at the top of the National Theatre in Prague in the evening with the view on the Prague castle? I have nothing else to add. I never thought that this would happen.


2016-10-22 04.18.02 1.jpg

Day when I met these two lovely girls/fashion bloggers (acupofstyle.com), beautiful inside & out. It was a special moment which showed me another way of how a person can see life and  also gave me a various look on different things. I am a big believer in inspiration and they definitely belong to one of those who I will always search for when I need to be inspired. Thank you girls once again! 🙂


Processed with VSCO

This picture is one of my favourites. Because this girl by my side is one of few who understands that having a dream is not a crime. (+our trouble wouldn’t be double without her)


Processed with VSCO

let me introduce you the most beautiful sunrise I have EVER seen. This is another memory I didn’t expect and am grateful for.


I was lucky enough in my life to be surronded by amazing people and find a small group of girls who accompany me since the day one. in these picture you can’t see them all but I’m sure they know who I am talking about 🙂



Oh yes, eating and eating got its turn too. These are also my favourite memories. I always have a great time and always am happy. I have tryied so much new in the past few months and that wouldn’t be as good as it was without my partner in crime. I am sure still lots about to  come, haha!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Again, I have no words.


Processed with VSCO

Let me introduce you the woman hero of my life, my grandma. she is my protector no. 1 and also of those who loves me in the purest way possible no matter what my faults are. If I do the worst mistake of my life she would be the one who helps mewithout any questions.

This picture goes back to a beautifully spent summer morning. Love you, granny.


And the last but certainly not least belongs also to my girls. The left picture represents the day when my friends helped me to make my crazy idea true and they should know how much it meant to me. And the right one captures days when only three of us know, what was happening, haha!

 I hope you enjoyed the year 2016 as much as I did and also have learnt many lessons which only helped you grow. Today it’s the last page of the 2016 book so make sure you make the most of the last couple of hours which still remain. Let the following year bring even more memories to our collection!

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

See you in the New Year 2017!

x Kristýna

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