Goals for 2017

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17 days. That much it takes. 17 days and 2017 knocks on our doors.

Could you believe it? 

I know that I still have almost three weeks to write this confession but as it was crazy at school in the past few weeks and I finally have some time, I figured out- why not now? If you missed it I annonced in my last post that I’ll definitely write couple of posts with the theme of the end of 2016, recap, goals + BIG 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebrations right at the beginning of the New Year!

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This time I will do my best and try to think the list through as good as possible. I really don’t like the word ‘realistic’ (oh God, why have I even written it?!) so I am not gonna write it again. Lets just say that this time it will be filled with things and desires which I know I can manage during the following year.

  1. School 

You might already know that this year is my Senior Year. I have written about my ‘Senior Year duties’ a few posts so far and I am pretty sure I will write some more, because we are not even remotely at the end. The thing is that in the past few months I didn’t even realize that I am going to graduate in a short period of time. But now when it’s only 10 days till Christmas and, as I said already, the school got crazy, I can feel that something huge is coming. When it was still summer and I was trying to organize the school year in advance a little bit, I told myself that till Christmas I’m fine. After that everything will change. So you can’t be surprised that the first point says ‘school’. Because school is my main priority at the moment. And 2017 will mainly be about sorting things out and figuring out the future. Scary AF, I know. Nobody is more terrified than me. But I am also excited because finally I will hopefully move a few steps forward…

  • have a good mark from Math at the end of this term (nope, not kidding, Math still ruins my life)
  • pass my leaving exams as good as possible (all A-s pleeease)
  • get at a good university and turn my ‘dream uni-plan’ into reality
  • figure everything out so it works
  • just make it real


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   2. Stylemotivations

This year I made happen something I wanted for such a long time. Stylemotivations became a part of my life, a part of me and I am really happy about it. There is a lot on my mind but I will leave it on 1st January. There is going to be a whole post about the journey so I’ll make it really short.

2016 was for Stylemotivations, 2017 is of Stylemotivations. 

  • work hard to make SM better every single day


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3. My future self

There is always something to improve. Every single year I make my ‘New Year’s resolutions list’ and every single year I fail somehow. This year I really want to overcome myself and finally get some things done. Just work day by day to become better version of me. To not be scared of everything and just move the mountains. Because today’s world is based on speed and vigour and hard work. And I will do it.  In my way, but I will.

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Enjoy the Christmas time as much as you can and write down your goals to know what you should be focused on during 2017. It always helps. Oh and I’m curious! Wherever you are at the moment, is it snowing? 🙂 Because it was today here and it felt even more like Christmas right the way!

See you next time!

x Kristýna

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